Kingdom Hall Master Plan. - letter - Consolidation.

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  • scratchme1010


    Let me see:

    more Kingdom halls = more growth (Jah's blessing)

    less Kingdom halls = less growth (no blessing)

    It should be simple for the JW to see this, no?

    According to what I was taught as a JW, when the end is near it is expected that their numbers dwindle. According to them that's one of the major signs of the great tribulation about to get started. In fact, they justify killing all the people in the planet by their Jehovah, precisely because there aren't supposed to be any people left in the planet worth saving. Hence, having less KHs and congregations is supposed to be a good thing, as it's supposed to be a great sign of their "paradise" being around the corner.

    Yet what I see are desperate attempts and adjustments for them to continue looking like they are growing, and attempts at them continue making money. Those things prove to me (not that i need any proof) that what they teach is just nonsense.

  • sir82

    Could it be a localized letter for a specific area regarding changes being made?

    That might be it. A family member in another state told me of a letter read a few months back, describing consolidation / building freeze in that area of the country. No such letter was read where I live.

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh that video you posted darkspilver was disturbing....

    Could they be any more condescending and patronising in their delivery? Wow!

  • Finkelstein

    Its kind of like this now ........

  • respectful_observer

    I read the same thing here somewhere on the forum that a letter was read to the congregation this week?

    This could be referencing my post to this thread:

    It was a letter from the branch read at our meeting this week. I wanted to snap a quick pic to post here for inquiring minds, but it just didn't work out. I will try next week.

  • millie210

    Thank you for the link respectful observer!

  • Lostandfound

    respectful observer

    thanks for link , my memory going but was convinced I had read the points from my OP, thanks, at least put off the care home for the bewildered for another month or two.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    According to what I was taught as a JW, when the end is near it is expected that their numbers dwindle.

    I think they are right. It's simple logic. Actually, it's almost tautological. I would rephrase it in a better way though

    When the numbers dwindle, then the end is near.

  • Vidiot
    never a jw - "...When the numbers dwindle, then the end is near."


  • notjustyet

    "Oh,.. we almost forgot,.. you can pay us some money too"

    Wondering, since they don't need as many Kingdom Halls as planned, if they will allow congregations to amend the amount being donated monthly.

    Also is there any way to find out what what Kingdom Halls will be sold as compared to who holds the title?

    I imagine the ones being sold might lean heavily toward one side or the other.

    Would they want to sell the ones they have title or deed to or would they want to force the sale of the ones where the local body holds the title or deed?

    Not sure which one would benefit the WTBTS better.

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