Verifiable proof of Jesus' existance outside the Bible

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  • _Morpheus

    Why is that frustrating? You have just been freed from servitude to a fairy tale. You may now live a happy life of truth and peace.

  • unsure


    It's frustrating in the event that it is actually all true and we must believe even if the Bible is all there is.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quotes from Unsure:

    If you are attributing complexity to a creator, ok, but then what is stopping another religion from being the correct one and yours being wrong?

    To rephrase, what is stopping Zeus from being the creator of this complexity and not Jesus?

    Good questions. We must examine the record, such as it exists, to get some idea. Who in the record makes the claim?

    Whoever created what we see and enjoy in all its incredible diversity and detail was truly a genius. For myself, I have come to believe in The Father and The Son because of the evidence which abounds. But certainly not the Father and Son which the WTBorg Inc. have shown us by their "preaching" and their actions. The Fruitage of the Holy Spirit does not reside in a Cult.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Quote from James Mixon:

    Old Navy;The universe that we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but pitiless indifference....Richard Dawkins

    Aye, I am aware that some hold this belief. I understand why such belief is appealing.

    For myself, The Word is Truth. I has been confirmed by faith.

  • cofty
    I have come to believe in The Father and The Son because of the evidence which abounds - Old Navy

    What sort of evidence are you referring to? The design of the universe and of living things ceased being an argument for god 150 years ago.

    If god made the living world why did he wipe out 96% of all living things in the Permian extinction 250 million years ago? Everything you see today evolved from the 4% that survived. This event that lasted more than 40,000 years was just one of five similar events.

    Seeing love or wisdom in the natural world requires a very selective view of natural history.

  • Phizzy

    " Seeing love or wisdom in the natural world requires a very selective view of natural history."

    It also requires strange views on what Love and Wisdom are !

    "Nature red in tooth and claw".

  • deegee
    It's frustrating in the event that it is actually all true and we must believe even if the Bible is all there is-------Unsure

    Before you become frustrated have you thoroughly, unequivocally proven to yourself beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Bible is true, that it is the inspired word of God?

    However, to be saved from Adamic Sin and have a hope for eternal life, I have to believe in the Deity of Jesus. Hardly seems fair. Very depressing and frustrating.-----------Unsure

    Would you be worried about belief in Jesus if there was no such thing as eternal life?

    Would you be worried about Adamic sin if you knew that the story of Adam, Eve and the snake is derived from ancient Sumerian and Babylonian mythology?

    The Hebrews borrowed, adapted, reworked, reinterpreted, reformatted the "Enuma Elish" Mesopotamian myth to create their own Adam & Eve creation story. Similar stories were current among the Greeks, the Egyptians, and the Persians. The Hindoos had a "tree of life," which was said to be guarded by spirits, and contained a juice that was thought to impart immortality to those who partook of it.

    According to Genesis 3:17-19 only Adam and Eve were cursed. There is no mention in Genesis or in the other books of the OT of an extension of the curse to Adam and Eve's children and later descendants . There is also no mention of "the Fall" in the remaining chapters of Genesis or in the other books of the OT. So the early Jews did not interpret the Adam and Eve story as something with universal implication. The story was understood either as allegory or an ancient tragedy.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Elaborate myths of the King Osiris had already developed by 4400 years ago in the Pyramid Texts of Egypt. Myth does not follow logic. It is only in mythology where people become other people where death does not end life and where animals can speak.

    Myth itself evolves because it is based on concepts about life not about facts but often the core stories of myth revolve around allegories which never change. For example the God Osiris is murdered by Set the evil one which has its basis in the daily rotation of the Earth when darkness overcomes light. This very simple relationship is an example of what underlies all of the ancient tales; most of them having been drawn from astronomical realities.

    Osiris (although dead!) had a son Horus through the virgin birth of his mother Isis Meri. As is possible in myth; Horus existed as different people at different times. Later stories made Horus the same as his father Osiris and perhaps that is why Horus resurrected is other self “his friend” Osiris (Osaris Azarus Lazarus). Horus walked on the water; like his father a sun god, he was seen daily walking on water at sunrise with the double image of two suns, two solar deities, one above the other, the exact image of the other. . .

    @Deegee, Horus was with his mother and step father Sep, until twelve years old when he became the son of his heavenly father with no biographic details in the meantime, from twelve to thirty there is no record of Horus. At thirty years old he was baptised by Anup (=John) and symbolically blessed by his heavenly father in the form of a bird.

    In answer to the OP. We do have ample evidence of the existence of Jesus outside of the Bible; he is a focal character-- under different names, of supernatural tales which descended from ancient mythology. It was a cheap manoeuvre to swap names but why spoil a good story from another culture!

    The Romans never knew of a man who could resurrect the dead; if Jesus really existed they would most surely have recorded the appearance of such a man. However it is so highly unlikely that a figure from fiction could be born and start to breathe, that I would place the Bible’s account of Jesus into the realm of supernatural folk tales.

  • Crazyguy

    Probably the most important proof of Jesus existing or not or just a myth is at the temple of Luxor in Egypt. On the wall etched in stone is the immaculate conception virgin birth of the son of god a pharaoh, carved on this wall thousands of years before any jesus story.

  • sparrowdown
    Just believe what you want to believe, you will at the end of the day anyway. It's nobody's job to convince you of anything, you have to do reasearch of your own and figure it out for yourself

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