Never Forget 9/11

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  • minimus

    Resolute please expound

  • cyberjesus

    we should not forget what happened... and yet we still don't know what really happened. we know the "official" version.

    so i'm the future we will actually learn what really happened, who did it really and why.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot
    minimus a day ago

    Resolute please expound

    ...the motivations of the people that did this. We know that the perpetrators were all muslim, we know that one even packed his wedding suit in his luggage for when he gets to meet his 72 virgins. The conversation that should have been had was did these people do this despite their religion or because of their religion? The answers can all be found in the quran and other muslim texts. For anybody with doubts, even the date is very significant, Sept 11 was the date of the "high water mark" of the second great jihad into Europe, Sept 11 1683, the day the muslims were finally defeated at the siege of Vienna. OBL chose this date to send the message that "we are back".

    We learned from Christianity that no man has greater love than he who surrenders his live on behalf of another, Islam is the polar opposite. Surrendering you life to kill unbelievers is the ultimate act of redemption - not just for yourself but you get to nominate your friends for salvation also!

    I can't find the reference just now but mohamad was approached by one of his fighters and asked, "tell me of another deed equal in reward to jihad" Moh answered - "there is no other deed equal in reward to jihad".

    "Allahu Akbar!" - The last words from the cockpit of Flight 93.


  • Diogenesister
    The extreme Bin Laden philosophy is what was the problem. The world is not a safer place since that horrendous day. Terrorism is the norm today. We always have to be vigilant and never forget what can happen again and WHY it happened.

    Yes. And that was the result of extreme *”Wahabism “ , the form of Islam enforced , promoted and financed by the Saudi Royal family. I don’t believe the Mujahadeen played any part in forming his extreme views.

    Believe me it was traumatizing for most people. When I heard the cry of someone actually trapped in the building I blacked out. It was a primordial response to one of my species being so terrified I think.

    *may have spelt that wrong

  • minimus

    Resolute, thanks!

    Dio, 👍

  • lastmanstanding

    Never forget that 3 buildings were dynamited to dust and those responsible walked

  • Phizzy

    Never forget the Terrorism perpetrated by many people, of many Faiths. It matters not whether Terrorists are black , brown or white, of whatever faith or none, or even if they are Governments, terrorist acts are simply obscene, and NEVER justified.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot
    Diogenesister - Invest a bit of time reading about the life of mohammad and you will see where the nasty side of islam comes from.
    Phizzy - True there are bad people of all faiths, some despite their religion and some because of their religion.


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