Single People - Where do you go to meet people?

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  • Robdar

    I have been trying Yahoo Personals and have been weeding out almost 300 applicants. I am beginning to think that I am way too picky because there are so few that I have actually agreed to meet.

    I did meet one that I liked but not through a personals ad. He wound up being too far away and too high maintainance so I am still looking. Sigh.

    I have been going to Sufi dances and met a couple of guys that I may start fliriting with. If I decide to get back into radio, I am sure that I will meet many new guys through public appearances.



    Robdar: you know some of these on-line personal things are real bad. How so?

    You sign-on.

    You enter your personal information.

    You submit a picture, and other bio info.

    Click to register [SEND].

    You do a search, looking for someone on-line, whom you hope will match your desired characteristics.

    What did I get?

    1 match: MYSELF

    I could have died.

  • Bendrr

    Where do I go to meet people? I don't. Women around here don't want a manual-laborer mechanic living in a little apartment driving an old beat-up camaro.


  • Country_Woman

    no idea at all.
    but certainly not

    I will watch this tread to see if there are nice ideas popping up.

  • shamus

    Oh, I just about forgot one more place.....

    The welfare office....

    Lord, everyone, I'm just kidding. Sorry if anyone is on assistance, too. It's just a joke....

    Really, it is hard to meet people. Luckily, I am moving to a very small town, like 1,300 peple, and they are the most friendly people on the planet. That is how you meet people.... but hopefully it won't be a place right out of Deliverance....

  • Elsewhere

    I once met a girl at a book store... I noticed that she was looking at a book I had read and I was able to give her my opinions on it. A great conversation got started and she accepted my invitation to have a coffee in the shop that was in the book store.

    She gave me her number... but I left it in my pants and it went through the wash.

    Oh well...

  • shamus


    That sucks! I would have been a wee bit upset, myself. It's hard to meet people spontaneousley like that!

    Those are the kind of people that I like to meet. Just everyday people... not out in a bar, or whatever. Just out and about doing their regular things in life....

  • Elsewhere

    Yes, you are right... those are the best people to meet. There is nothing "setup" about it and conversation is much more enjoyable because the two of you start talking naturally... not because you are supposed to.

    Yeah, I kicked myself for that one.

  • TresHappy

    Since Jehovah took it away, I would show up at local delis dressed to the nines and offer to make sandwiches. Surely I would find my husband that way.

    no idea at all. but certainly not

    A 60-year-old elder from the US wants to meet me.....



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