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  • I have question
    I have question

    Okay simply put I am not of your faith however my faith allows me to learn and study other people's beliefs and Faith's. Now I believe at least from what I have seen that you people are humble and respectful, when interacting with me. And that watchtower book thing u hand out has actually helped me in the past.... Taught me that resentment only hurts me and not the person I resented, that was really needed at the time. Now last winter a father and son came to my door, like October, we we're actually having a discussion about my beliefs and I wanted to talk and ask questions about your beliefs... But I did not have time that day, I had a hockey game to get to, and I didn't get a chance to ask them to come back before my dad forced me to leave( he's not vary open minded about learning about other people's beliefs) the point is it is summer now and I was wondering is there a way I can call one of ur temples/chuches, like the one down the road and get a couple of u to come and discuss your beliefs with me, over a coffee or tea or water(not sure if u drink coffee and those are things I'd like to know)??? I realize I can ask my questions and talk here but I really believe that talking with people and to people in real life is better the online.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    This is more of an ex-JW forum.

    Still worth sticking around and would be beneficial and insightful for finding out about the Watchtower beliefs I'm sure.

  • freddo

    I have been a Watchtower follower for over 40 years and was used by them as an elder for over 25 of those years too. I would like to answer any questions you may have.

    I would also tell you that however humble and respectful Jehovah's Witnesses may be or seem, they are not a healthy group to get involved with.

    But that might just be me ... (shrug) - stay a while and ask away.

  • OnTheWayOut

    If you do sit down with the door-to-door recruiters, ask

    "Your governing body says they are spirit-directed. What's the difference between 'inspired' and 'spirit-directed' ?"

    "Has your organization ever taught something that turned out wrong? What about what they teach now- could it be wrong?"

    "Please explain, using just a Bible, 1914 and the overlapping generation."

    "Can Jehovah's Witnesses hold and discuss openly with other Jehovah's Witnesses opinions that differ from Watch Tower doctrine?"

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    "Taught me that resentment only hurts me and not the person I resented, that was really needed at the time"

    You don't need the watchtower books or their "ministers" to learn that. All you need is a working brain and some honesty with yourself. If that doesn't work get non-religious self help books. But mainly stay away from cults, which create a very appealing image to draw you in, and later abuse you and exploit you.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    And that watchtower book thing u hand out has actually helped me in the past.... Taught me that resentment only hurts me and not the person I resented

    Remember, a lot of the things they might show you, is common knowledge that can be found anywhere. The only difference is that by bringing it to your door, they've made it easy for you to assume they are somehow extraordinarily enlightened and they'll want you to believe this is because they are the only true religion. They believe that soon, anyone who doesn't listen to their message and become a Jehovah's Witness, will be killed by God. They've been preaching that the world is going to end and have been scaring people into joining them for over 100 years.

    JW's as individuals are typically nice and well meaning people and come across as respectful and harmless. If they were monsters, people would run from them rather than being taken in by their well rehearsed presentations.The trouble is, they make it appear that they are at your door out of concern for you. They may be concerned for you and others but knocking on people's doors is more about them saving their own skins and not being killed by God for not doing so. They are required to do this and they are required to report how much time they spend in this activity and keep records of who they talk to (such as yourself). Once you get involved with them, you will be expected to buy into their program 100% and build your life around it. If you don't accept what they are teaching or do accept but later change your mind, they'll show their real colors and they aint pretty.

    A lot of us here have had our lives devastated by having become involved with Jehovah's Witnesses. It's sort of like the adage in that old song, Hotel California.... where they say, "You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave" (without serious consequences that is).

    If you mention that you visited this site, there'll be stern warnings about listening to anyone who was a former JW. Hopefully this will be a red flag for you. They don't want you to investigate them without being in control of what you are finding out about them.

  • Chook

    Ask this one question, are the baptised children in your faith free to explore other religions with out family sanctions. They will probably lie with the answer, but insist on this subject, and ask how they correlate this with Jesus.

  • Giordano

    There is little good in the JW religion. It is first of all a high control religion/cult. They disfellowship up wards of a hundred thousand of their followers every year for various offenses........ Shunning for life is also part of that process. This often rips families apart. has documented their history and changeable beliefs in their own words and publications.

    They are extraordinary reckless with the health and welfare of their followers.

    They are now considered by the Pew Religious Survey the least educated religion.

    Every year thousands die because of their ban on a life saving blood transfusion. Men, women ,children and babies................ no exceptions are made.

    Some of their beliefs change each year and those changes must be obeyed without question.

    They have the lowest retention rate for people born into this religion as 67% of born-ins stop identifying with the JW religion.

    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society started as a publishing house, soon they became a real Estate holding company. They became a religion in 1931 after loosing 70% of their International Bible Students.

    The Society uses it's members for free labor. When I left in the mid 1960 JW's at that time the JW's who lived at their headquarters and worked at their printing factory worked for five and a half days a week in various menial jobs for $14 a month.

    Many After working for 20 to 30 years are often dismissed penniless and without any real job skills.

    They have predicted the end of this world 11 times. They believe that only baptized JW's will survive Armageddon. Some 8 billion will die. Men women children and babies.

    Your average JW lives for that event happening.

  • scratchme1010

    is there a way I can call one of ur temples/chuches, like the one down the road and get a couple of u to come and discuss your beliefs with me, over a coffee or tea or water(not sure if u drink coffee and those are things I'd like to know)???

    Yes, you can do that.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    There is no need to invite these people into your home in order to learn what their religion is all about. In fact, that would not even be the best approach.

    For one thing, the typical current lot of Jehovahs Witnesses have very little idea of what it is they are supposed to believe in, beyond "Obey Without Question the Governing Body, and You Will Be Blessed." They would probably attempt more to use their literature to speak for them, but even that has been dumbed down to the level of little more than just , "Obey and be Blessed".

    For another thing, if you were to invite them into your home, they could well then become just a bloody nuisance. A lot of the Jehovahs Witnesses can be surprisingly reluctant to take "No" for an answer. Sometimes (perhaps even often?) getting rid of them can make the proverbial "bad smell" seem like a welcome guest!.

    There are various other ways of learning what this religion is all about:

    • There are their literature stands that are frequently to be found in public places, such as the approaches to train stations etc. From those, their literature is available free of charge (for what it is worth!)
    • Also, the Watchtower Corporation (their publishing arm) has its own website, This is readily accessible to the public, and can at least give you their view of the JW religion.
    • Then there are a number of Ex-JW websites such as this one, from which the real truth about this religion can be discovered. (Once you delve below the surface, you will find that these people have more than just a few "skeletons in the cupboard", so to speak!)

    In your research, though, there is one thing to look out for, which I am certain all ex-JWs would agree on, and that is the offer of a "Free Home Bible Study". With somebody like yourself, the Jehovahs Witnesses would be very quick to offer to "Study the Bible" with you "In Your Own Home".

    You would be well advised never to accept such an offer, as you would afterwards discover that this is just the first stage of the indoctrination process into their cult. ("Entry Level", you might say!). Furthermore, as many of us here found out to our detriment, extricating yourself is often a surprisingly difficult process.

    In summary, this religion is a cult, and it is safest to learn about it from a distance!

    PS: Persons such as yourself are welcome here any time.

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