PROOF That Trump Colluded With Russia

by minimus 44 Replies latest jw friends

  • Bad_Wolf

    Here is Obama secretly telling Russia he after his re election he has more flexibility. Didn't think voters would like what he was going to do? And snopes verified it as true too. Had Trump been the one this video was about, there would be treason and front page news for a month straight on it.

  • minimus

    Simon I love what you say. The United States should have independent people looking into all the voting that takes place. Just like they want in third world countries!

  • Flg8ter

    Little common sense can be used the past 2+ years...the Clinton machine, the Soros machine, the media, the DNC, the establishment have spent 10's of millions to find ANYTHING they can. And they have the freedom to use methods that the FBI can not use. Do you think if they found ANYTHING it wouldn't be released? Somehow see the light of day? That alone tells there's nothing there. I remember the good old days.....when there was evidence of a crime then the investigation was to find the person that did it? Now......they target a person and the investigation is to try to find a crime! ass backwards...........

  • alecholmesthedetective
  • LV101

    YES -- precisely, Simon, an "independent election committee" would be too good to be true! The voter fraud is so discouraging.

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