PROOF That Trump Colluded With Russia

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  • minimus

    On tv right now is the Alan Arkin movie... The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming😆

  • DesirousOfChange

    On tv right now is the Alan Arkin movie... The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming ~ Minimus

    I believe that movie is also a comedy.

  • grassyknoll07

    Duh! Hillary lost! what more proof do you need? If she would have won, there would be no collusion.

  • dogisgod

    I believe he's been involved in extreme money laundering with Putin and Oligarchs. Putin publically admitted he wanted Trump to win and was involved for that to happen. He is a Con, a gangster, amoral. this will all be part of his being a traitor.

  • Simon

    It's pretty amazing ... the Clinton campaign / Obama administration PAID Russians to produce a dossier alleging that Trump colluded with Russia, so they could undermine the results of the election.

    But "Trump collusion, wah!!!"

    That's before you even get to Uranium One and Clinton's grubby hands over that. Money flows to the Clintons after the state dept she runs does deals with the Russians. All coincidental, like the trail of bodies.

    If the democrats are bothered about foreign influence in the election they need to look at the voter fraud. Apparently there was 170 people over the age of 116 voting in the election. The worlds oldest person is 115 and in Japan. Good trick the dems have of getting 150% voter turnout. They always do so well ... in the districts where they oversee elections.

    What the US needs is a proper, first world, independent election committee. The sight of people decked out in one parties badges counting votes is just laughable.

  • out4good4

    But....but .......Hillary.....Benghazi.....Benghazi.....Benghazi.....Obama.......Obama.......

  • Bad_Wolf
    OneGenTwoGroups, you are so right.
    I am shocked how so many ExJWs have gone even farther right than as a Witness.
    I became repulsed by the misogynistic, homophobic, anti-government, intolerant, leave it to beaver attitudes that were the norm in JW world. It was a big part of what woke me up. I just could not take it what is really prejudice and hate covered in the sugar coating of the "paradise".

    In truth it is you who are still in the JW world. Believing in fantasies and unrealistic utopias, but instead of just waiting for it to happen on it's own, when the left tries to implement changes and destroys countries by it's unrealistic ideals. "No borders! Everybody is welcome! We have unlimited money! Take more money from the wealthy and give to the poor, the wealth will still be motivated to continue what was successful and they won't leave this country! Don't discriminate against felons, criminal records shouldn't play a part in who you hire at your business! Let the entire world have asylum here, if we run out of money we'll find someone else to tax more! Statistics are misognistic, racist, phobic nazis, ignore statistics, ignore cultures, everybody is a good person and no need to protect yourself ever! Don't worry if other religions and countries kill people over homosexual relationships, bring them all here, they will integrate right away!"

  • Bad_Wolf

    I also love how high tech Russia got and how they rigged the voting machines and stuff to make Trump win.

    Actually no they didn't, if everything claimed is true, what they did was create many troll accounts and spread fake news (and any idiots who voted based on social media and fake news websites are morons who shouldn't vote anyway), JUST LIKE THE DEMOCRATS AND LEFT had been doing such as all those fake hate attacks to rally support for them, etc, and hacked into democrat email server to leak the illegal and unethical things they were doing. If they did no wrong, then the leaked emails would not have hurt them at all. So thank you Russia for helping counteract what the left was trying to do to get votes by deceit, illegal voters, etc. And I don't blame Russia for doing it either, since Killary was warmongering Russia. If somebody running for president in any country is warmongering and eager to start a war and another candidate wants peace, then I don't see that country as tampering with sacred voting process if they create troll accounts. Don't warmonger then maybe they wouldn't care.

  • Bad_Wolf
    I don't comprehend why some think that because that because the news media does not have "proof", therefore evidence must not exist.

    Since many in the FBI, most media, etc, were heavily against Trump, it would have been leaked if there had been. He had a ton of opposition.

  • Finkelstein

    He tried but failed and lied about doing it .

    There was collusion after all or an attempt.

    But you can always trust D. Trump to tell the truth cant you.

    He's no lying smiling politician now.

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