How many here think Trump's news conference this evening was absolutely brilliant

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  • ttdtt

    If any other sitting president had expressed himself in that manner, a medical professional would have been at his side the moment he left the podium. He would have been examined for a stroke, or other brain and mental issues.

    Besides the fact that he demonstrably lied over and over again, he almost never answered anyone's question - NOR did he actually finish a sentence.

  • _Morpheus
    The people who think he is a genius are very similar to the people who will believe anything the watch tower says.
    Morphs Law

    well played :) i

  • DesirousOfChange

    I watched Trump's news conference. It was difficult. I'm not a Trump hater, nor am I in love with him. I think he's president because he was the lesser of evils (ABC -- Anybody But Clinton). I think the guy has ADHD or something as he doesn't seem to be able to complete a thought without going out in left field, off topic, and sometimes never gets back to the original topic.

    During his time in office, I've agreed with those who felt he wasn't acting "presidential", esp with all of the scattered thought in his tweets. Still, one has to acknowledge results. The economy is perceived as being great. Business is booming. Wages (and prices) are on the upswing, as is the stock market.

    As Simon noted, no new wars -- not even with Little Rocket Man. In fact, Kim seems to be cleaning his act up (if we can believe what is reported). I think Kim was actually afraid that "crazy man Trump" might shoot back at him or even "shoot first".

    As far as the press corp, they make it pretty clear that they don't like the man, so why should he bend over and kiss their asses? The press doesn't like the fact that they did not get to choose who got elected this time. They clearly favored Clinton, just as they ordained Obama 8 years prior and glossed over any of Obama's gaffs (ie, "we have campaigned in 57 States" -- SNL would have ripped up George W. if he ever made such a dumb ass statement). Fifty years ago, Walter Cronkite was the most trusted man in America. Now mainstream media has sunken to the level of the National Enquirer. Sensationalism sells. Trump treated the reporters with the same disdain as they treat him.

  • ttdtt

    FYI don't be so enamored about the economy (by the way look at the stats you can thank Obama for this economy).

    By the way Wages (if your not a millionaire) are FLAT, and have been flat for a long time.

    Interests rates just went up again, that is not a good sign when you look at things overall.

    Example: Subprime (remember that term?) auto loans are going through the roof, but auto loan default are at an all time high.

    Interest rates are going to continue to go up to dissuade people from going into more debt, but that will also cause more defaults.

    Mortages and HELOCS are next.

    ALSO. The trillion $ welfare plan Trump gave to US Corporations were largely used for Corps to buy back their STOCK, which leads to a pumped up stock price, but adds major debt to these corporation.

    We are 2 or 3 years away form a major crisis. (thanks GOP for all the bank deregulations to prevent this)

    Read what Steve Eisman (one of the Big Short guys), or read Big Debt Crisis by Ray Dalio the head of one of the worlds largest hedge funds.

  • LongHairGal


    I totally agree with your post that Trump was the lesser of the two evils!

    I watched this and realized that somebody like him who is so disrespected by the press cannot win, no matter what he says. Some complained that he cut people off...He probably did this so that some nervy individual would not try to control the whole floor - which is what would have happened and it would have turned into a free-for-all, IMO.

  • minimus

    I never got a chance to watch it. But my opinion is pretty simple. If you like Trump, he did a great job. If you hate Trump, he sucked like he always does.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I never got a chance to watch it. But my opinion is pretty simple. If you like Trump, he did a great job. If you hate Trump, he sucked like he always does.

    Min -- I'd like to think that most/some of us can do the balancing act between criticizing and complimenting -- Criticizing what we see as bad or detrimental (at least to our "causes"), and compliment what we see as "good" -- good management, good results, good whatever.

    I have to think that someone like Trump, who seems to be hated by politicians of both parties, cannot be all bad! I have no use for career politicians. Vote 'em out! Maybe that's a lot like "my enemy's enemy is my friend." So be it.

  • Moster

    Coded Logic

    "But I’ve known people for a long time. I never saw them do anything wrong. I never saw them do anything wrong."

    Lets not forget he was and still is a friend and supporter of OJ.

  • Steel

    As a Canadian I can tell you the United States has the same anti dumping tariffs protecting there agricultural sector as we do, but you only hear about our milk tariffs. He doesn't tell you US food exports to Canada have gone from 2 billion to 20 billion since 1994.

    Trump tells people the US run a massive trade deficit with Canada but he doesn't tell you about the 3.5 million barrels of oil imported each day. on a straight manufactured good to manufactured good, the US has a massive trade surplus with Canada.

    He doesn't tell you Canada has lost about as many jobs to the US , as the US to Mexico.

    Lies and half truths.

  • Nevuela

    I literally cannot even begin to understand why anyone who is not an absolute ignorant bigot could possibly support him. Why do you people willingly turn a blind eye to all of his childish Twitter rants and victim blaming and racist/sexist remarks and detrimental executive orders if you're not as full of hate as he is?

    Name ONE thing he has actually done (not promised to do but has DONE) that outweighs all of the horrible, despicable, embarrassingly immature things he has said since the campaign trail. You can't, because there is NOTHING that excuses such a blatantly awful human being. Why can't you tRump supporters just admit you're on the wrong side of history and bow out with a modicum of grace?

    Seriously, if he's so damn great, then by your own standards, you should have liked every single other president, even Obama. After all, you're so willing to forgive tons of awful things in favor of what? tRump saying or doing ONE little thing that you agree with? Then why do you bash Obama, or the Bushes, or Clinton? Each of them has done at least one good thing, and they all have the added bonus of NOT being nearly as deplorable as tRump.

    Just admit he's awful already!

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