This week's "Give Us Your Money" meeting item.

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  • wifibandit

    @punkofnice Yes.

    The US tax system runs Jan. 1 - Dec. 31. If you want to be able to claim that money as exempt from income taxes, you have to donate that income withing that year.

  • darkspilver

    wifibandit: The US tax system runs Jan. 1 - Dec. 31

    yeah, weird: rather than running from April 6 - April 5

  • Diogenesister

    hi lads, WiFi, Dark spilver etc just a quick question from a financial dyslexic (?!) Why would they push for donations at the end of the financial year? I mean surely if you donated in, say, Jan or Feb '18 they would just claim the monies as tax exempt from *that* year - I guess what I'm saying is why in heck would it make any difference to them....every year is 'tax free' year to them!

    Unless....they suspected it might all change as govts wise up to non-charity doing cults like them?!

  • Gorbatchov

    Maybe they have to transfer money to the Moralto family at december 31 each year.


  • sir82

    Why would they push for donations at the end of the financial year?

    In the US, you pay your income taxes based on your fiscal activity during the period January 1 - December 31.

    You get a tax deduction for donations made to charities.

    In the USA, the WTS qualifies as a charity (for god-only-knows what reason).

    A lot of people, toward the end of the year, try to arrange their financial affairs so that their tax liability for the year is as low as possible. Often they suddenly realize that they can reduce their tax burden by contributing to charities. Thus, in November / December, charities very often step up their solicitation of funds, trying to snare people who are trying to reduce their tax liability.

    Other charities send unsolicited address labels or notepads or pencils or whatnot to coerce / guilt you into contributing. The WTS writes Watchtower articles.

  • Diogenesister

    Ah thank you Sir 82, so it's actually WT trying to get the publishers to donate to them, rarther than another charity, in order for the pubs to reduce their income tax for the year. Got it!

    Wouldn't know about that being a lowly nurse. I give my measly monthly donation by direct debit to 3 charities but I don't think it would ever be worth it for me to claim! We are allowed to claim deductions on our stockings, too, I've never done that either!

  • KiddingMe

    The timing of articles at the end of the year is very interesting. I agree that it may have to do with competing with donations from other charities.

    Also, many company's and government agencies in the U.S. give end of year cash bonuses, so this could be a way to tap into some of these funds of JWs.

    Holiday spending and shopping picks up during this time of maybe some (especially if they formally celebrated Christmas) are in more of a gift giving spirit??

  • freddo

    That 1973 Awake article is also noteworthy for a basic error ...

    "Admission is now being charged visitors to London’s thirteenth-century Salisbury Cathedral."

    Salisbury Cathedral is in the City of Salisbury - a small city in it's own right - and which is 90 miles south west of London. It certainly cannot be described as London's cathedral.

    Perhaps they meant England's, not London's ...

  • AdrianIsMagic

    It's 4am and I'm angry about Freddos.

    Seriously though ugh are they really doing that? Asking for monney in a not so subtle way?

  • flipper

    FREDDO- Thanks for the thread. Needs to be bumped up to show the disgusting lack of shame in WT leaders begging for money

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