Jw mummies boys

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  • sparrowdown

    Speaking as an ex-sister who has encountered many many entitled elders sons/daughters and CO's wives etc, I think the programming can have different effects on different individuals. Some sisters retreat into doormat mode, some become super aggressive amongst other women.

  • eewx2

    My brother is a mama's boy. He at the age of at least 25 was interested in a girl, so he went to my parents and asked if they thought he was ready to marry (per young people ask). He's now married (to a different woman), and they go to my mom's every Friday night, go on vacation together, etc.

    In a way, I feel bad for him as he is so attached that he'll likely never leave the organization.

  • jp1692

    It's tempting to blame the cult for everything that is wrong with every current and ex-JW. But that's not right. The fact is, there are a lot of messed up people in the world that never belonged to this or any other cult.

    What is important, and actually quite difficult to do, is to try and isolate personality and/or emotional problems that are specifically and uniquely caused by the experience of being in a high-control environment (cult), which for us on this forum is Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • JW_Rogue
    I think the cult doctrines are more likely to lead to young men who think they have a right to dominate their wives and women who are disempowered.

    In theory this may be true but probably more for converts then born-ins. It is more likely that a born-in will try to please everyone, the organization, the family, and the wife.

  • TD

    Interesting topic.

    Part of the process of growing up and becoming your own person is questioning the thoughts, values and beliefs of your parents and deciding how much (Or how little) you are going to live by yourself.

    It's aggravating if you're the parent (Three grown daughters here...) but it is healthy in the long run.

    JW's and kindred groups do their best to stifle this process, which produces dependent adults.

    I've seen it in my wife. --One of the biggest obstacles in helping her out of this cult was her desire to please her parents clear into middle-age.

  • NoviceLocs14

    I knew of an elder who was pushing 35 and was just moving out of his mother's house. He was taking the lead in our congregation, probably counseling other families on how they should live and didn't even know how to run a household himself. Somehow, he was able to find a sister to marry. I think he got engaged right before I faded.

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