Jw mummies boys

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  • LongHairGal


    I have met momma's boys in the JW religion and also out in the world. Although, a "worldly" momma's boy usually has a job. He's just socially crippled when it comes to women. He may eventually get married but he lets the woman know his mom comes first.

    In the Witnesses a momma's boy is held back in so many more ways.


    Men aged 20-40 who although in men's bodies think, act and behave like children. Their mother's had them tied to the apron strings tightly.

    Yep..Saw lots of those...


    "All that Cart Witnessing, you must be Hungry and Tired".

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  • sparrowdown

    Born in JW men are narcissistic man-child for sure.

    Though, to be fair to how WT targets both sexes to be useless individuals there is the helpless you cant-do-anything-without-a-man princess programming for young sisters also.

  • HiddlesWife

    @purrpurr: Thanks for posting this thread. Your description is fully correct about these brothers.

    @LongHairGirl: You are right on point!

    My ex-fiance (as posted in one of my past threads) now acts and speaks that way, especially and particularly since he has been in full association with his uncle and the Bethelite brother (I heard he is now either at Warwick or Wallkill, since Brooklyn is no longer in operation) whom were instrumental in our breakup. My ex, not only acts strange to me and some of my family members when we once met up with him and one of his siblings, but also he was laughed at by strangers when he spoke briefly in passing.

    Jdubs are indoctrinated, taught and trained to "act like children". So, some have not matured emotionally or even mentally to conduct themselves as adults. Heck, a young brother age 26 in a my family's friend's congregation was seen physically running after and tag-playing with 3 children and 2 preteens like a school-age child--in my family friend's Hall's parking lot on a Sunday afternoon! Go figure!

  • cofty
    Born in JW men are narcissistic man-child for sure. - sparrow

    Sweeping generalisation.

  • ToesUp

    We know of JW mummies boys and girls. Uneducated and living in the relatives basements. Don't have 2 nickels to their name. One is an Elder. Scary!

  • sparrowdown

    Cofty - Ok, active born in Jw men can be narcissistic man child - better?

    I notice you didn't compain about the "princess programming" I said can occur with young sisters.

    Besides, It was purrpurr that said it first, I was merely concurrcurring, along with other posters.

  • cofty

    Yes better. Still not sure if it's a particular trait in the cult.

  • sparrowdown

    Let me start again so as not to offend and In the spirit of being an equal opportunity PC poster. I think, WT indoctrination has the potential to f**k up both boys and girls expectations of the opposite sex which can lead to problems as adults and in marriage - IM humble O only.

  • cofty

    I think the cult doctrines are more likely to lead to young men who think they have a right to dominate their wives and women who are disempowered.

    The thing about the cult is that is contains the entire spectrum of traits from mummy's boys to bombastic bullies.

    JWs have no personality types in common.

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