Do JW beliefs deserve respect?

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  • TheOldHippie

    I in fact respect other people and I respect their beliefs. There are many things other people believe that I do not agree with, but I never ridicule them for their beliefs. I say I disagree, I try to discuss in a calm manner, I try to put things as nicely as possible. Ridicule - no. There are so many reasons why people believe as they do, each of them/us has so much of a load to carry, so much background, that I would never ridicule. When I come to know somebody good, I can criticise, not until then - but never ridicule.

  • rational1
    Three JW beliefs that deserve not respect, but absolute contempt:
    1. shunning
    2. no blood
    3. stance on paedophiles.
    JWs kinda bring it on themselves, in a way. They don't respect any other beliefs/opinions and walk around thinking theirs are the best thing since sliced bread. If the WT was more like mainstream religious groups and showed some respect for other beliefs and opinions then I'd be more inclined to treat their beliefs - the kooky but harmless ones - with respect.

    Not that I disagree, but do you know how many religions / groups have what most would deem "contemptible" policies? Female Genital Mutilation? Eschewing modern medicine? Public stoning? This list goes on and on and on and has since the dawn of time. While I don't expect JWs or anyone else to judge my personal belief system (they do, but that's their problem) - the only thing I can do is set the example and treat them (and others) how I would want to be treated, or completely steer clear all together.

  • Darkknight757

    Perhaps if they were not built on total lies and deception. So no.

  • punkofnice

    The JW beliefs do not deserve respect. I respect the person, unless they're a total douche. (I'm being all American now).

    There are lots of beliefs I do not respect. One dick'n'harry (can't recall which), uses the term 'admitation' for respect.

    I cetegorically DO NOT admire the 2 witness rule to protect paedophiles.

    I cetegorically DO NOT admire the shunning policy of the watchtower.

    I cetegorically DO NOT admire the ban on blood transfusions.

    I cetegorically DO NOT admire the belief that the Governing body are the faithful slave(tm).

    I'll stop my list's too long.

  • sweetgrass

    I am not sure which religion deserves any respect.... Buddhism?

  • KateWild

    Being a respectful person is what I strive to be. That doesn't mean I will always agree. I am the first to declare if I disagree, but that doesn't mean I don't respect the other person's beliefs, idea's or opinions.

    In some cases, I may use satire, sarcasm, or jokes poking fun at a particular idea or belief, JWs included, but only generally. I wouldn't say it to in individual JW.

    My bible students always respected my beliefs, and had a study. When I told two of them it was a cult. They said they knew already, but they wanted to be friends and respected why I had strong beliefs. Because I was treated this way, I feel all JWs deserve this too.

    But respect is subjective and some people may view my actions as disrespectful. Which is fair enough and I would respect their opinion.

    Kate xx

  • Giordano

    The definition of respect is:

    1. a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

    My answer would be no I do not believe JW beliefs deserve any respect. And unfortunately that carries over to the believing JW's.

    How do I respect Elders who hide and basically protect a Child molester?

    How do I respect a person who would oppose a life saving blood transfusion?

    How do I respect a person who longs for Their Paradise Earth knowing full well it will be created on the bones of billions who will die at Armageddon? That alone makes your believing JW one of the most selfish people on our planet.

    However I do respect those that seriously question their beliefs and decide to fade or have DAed themselves, or those who were DF (other then for criminal conduct) and struggled to create a new non JW life for themselves.

  • azor

    Cofty asked to define respect. Giordano gave the dictionaries definition. Another definition is "the condition of being esteemed or honored." I agree with most posters here that these beliefs do not deserve respect. However to often it seems that beliefs are tied in with the person that holds the belief.

    If we truly respected the beliefs that jws hold i contend that we would still be in the cult. I'm trying to highlight the distinction between a belief and a person. Hoping this thread might help. Beliefs are not people. Nice is different than kind. Not respecting something does not equate to disrespecting it. Lack of belief in something or someone is not another type of belief. It is a lack of belief.

  • prologos
    david jay: "I could go on to talk about plate teutonics and contental drift, the motor invented by Henry Ford,

    One way to show respect is to check your sources, ; The invention of the motor was partially teutonic: Otto, Diesel, contental drift was not teutonic, although Hitler would have liked it that way. and

    WT beliefs have caused serious damage, they do violence to the facts, so you ignore them at your own risk.

  • David_Jay


    Your are reading my word incorrectly.

    I was speaking specifically about Henry Ford's personal rejection regarding his unique plans for a car motor that led to ridicule.

    And my auto correct selected "teutonic" instead of the word "tectonic." It is called a "typographical error." Being that it was sandwiched between the words "plate" and "continental drift," I am surprised you didn't realize this.

    Beliefs can indeed cause damage, including not believing that there is more to what one has written than meets the eye. I suffer from brain damage that has left me with mobility issues, and I must rely on computers to often generate my words due to problems I have with my hands. My speech is affected too, so computers often misspell words I intend to use or leave entire phrases out.

    Now about showing respect, can you give me another lesson?

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