Do JW beliefs deserve respect?

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  • jwundubbed

    People.... anyone deserves a certain level of common decency. Respect however is earned... or not as the case may be. I would not advocate respecting nor disrespecting any group of people based on their beliefs. Take it on a person to person basis and see if they have earned and deserve your respect.

    Ridiculous ideas do not deserve ridicule. They deserve to be examined and criticized so that people can learn why they are ridiculous ideas in the first place. You don't erase stereotypes, bigotry, or silly ideas with ridicule. You change those ideas and behaviors with education, insight, and knowledge.

  • David_Jay

    I use to do stand up comedy with a group in New England. To make a joke you have to include ridicule. There are often injustices, too, that can't be fought any other way.

    For instance the musical The Book of Momon ridicules through the use of satire, and very effectively. I have thought about how such a technique (maybe minus the music) could be employed to get people to laugh at what the JWs believe.

    I was just saying be careful when using it. I have had it backfire on me before because I got carried away with it having a flippant attitude when I was younger. It can take some talent to make it work right, and be a wonderful tool when that happens.

    Besides that, there were no further intentions.

  • jwundubbed

    Ridicule can absolutely be a tool used in criticism and analysis. It can work very well in educating people, just as non-ridiculing humor can. But it shouldn't be the only reaction to an idea because then the justification behind the ridicule is lost.

  • rational1

    I think every human deserves respect, regardless of if their beliefs differ from mine. I respect every person's RIGHT to have beliefs that differ. The context under which people come to believe certain things is theirs to own, no matter how destructive or negative I may view it within my own construct. "Ridiculous" is completely relative.

    JWs are exercising their rights to form and manage their own social club and member initiation, rules, and dues. I may think it's a complete crock, but I don't have to subject myself to it, either.

  • DJS


    Went and actually did some actual research between those 2 posts, huh? Excellent. When it is laser accurate, based on facts and evidence, and does not go too far ridicule is extremely effective.

    And deserved.

    If it doesn't meet those criteria it is counter productive

  • azor

    Rational1 you are right you don't have to subject yourself to it. But what about the children?


    Do JW beliefs deserve respect?

    I`ve never had JW`s come to the door and be Truthful......EVER..


    OUTLAW: Who Are you?..

    JWs: Bible Students..

    OUTLAW: Are you JWs?..

    JWs: Uhhhh..Ya..

    OUTLAW: Well your not being very truthful about who you are..

    JWs: We`re very truthful.....We`re JWs!..

    OUTLAW: Whats Theocratic Warfare Strategy?..

    JWs: Uhhhh..How do you know about that?..


    The conversation just goes down hill from there..

    Eventually they`re too busy to talk to me..


    JWs: We have to leave now,we`re very busy..

    OUTLAW: To do what?..Knock on Doors?..


    OUTLAW: Well you`re already at a door you knocked on..

    Image result for embarrassed Businessman

  • Londo111

    I believe in being respectful toward the people themselves and tactful in approach. it's the best way of winning hearts and minds in order for such a person to adapt a healthier viewpoint.

  • millie210

    Many things that people believe are ridiculous. People used to think that if a woman ate strawberries it could make a baby be born with a birthmark.

    Ridiculous belief? Yes.

    Ridicule the belief? Bad idea.

    Why? For much the same reason as Londo mentioned above.

    Another reason to show respect is because to not show it involves me judging the individuals who hold it.

    It sounds good to say we wont/dont judge people, just beliefs but I find that not to be the way it works in real life.

    At some point, if an individual chooses to stay with a belief deemed "wrong" the judging happens.

    That is a slippery slope - judging another. It begins to effect who you are yourself and not in a good way.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Three JW beliefs that deserve not respect, but absolute contempt:

    1. shunning

    2. no blood

    3. stance on paedophiles.

    JWs kinda bring it on themselves, in a way. They don't respect any other beliefs/opinions and walk around thinking theirs are the best thing since sliced bread. If the WT was more like mainstream religious groups and showed some respect for other beliefs and opinions then I'd be more inclined to treat their beliefs - the kooky but harmless ones - with respect.

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