Do JW beliefs deserve respect?

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  • David_Jay


    Oh no. Definitely not suggesting anything in favor of JW teachings.

    But ridiculing as a facet of our personality that we feel is a justified response may cause problems for us. Ridicule is the act of subjecting something or someone to scorn, jeering, and often contemptuous language and behavior. When we say that such behavior in us is acceptable, we also have to admit that we, as imperfect humans, might cross lines we may not have originally intended.

    Humans rarely stop at making ideas the subject of ridicule. It becomes far too easy to project the same contempt on those who hold such ideas. "Let's not just ridicule homosexuality, let's treat gay people with contempt." It happens all the time. It's how violence gets justified in the minds of people who think they know better and it is impossible for them to be wrong.

  • sparrowdown

    Do JWs think mine or anyone elses beliefs deserve respect?

    Thing is, they run over other people's beliefs with a theocratic bulldozer by saying everyone elses beliefs are false and they don't have to respect them.

    Do they respect a Dr's belief that lifesaving medical treatment should come before a person's religion?

    Do they respect a teacher's belief that students should learn from a broad range of subjects and make up their own mind on what they "believe?"

    Do they respect the policeman's belief that crimes of abuse should be reported?

  • Simon

    How do you respect a belief? Pander to those who hold it? Don't allow any critique or criticism of it? What about when beliefs conflict - which one get's respected? I see no value in respecting beliefs unless people will also respect my belief that religious people are morons and should not talk publicly about their religion. Deal?

    A belief is an idea just like any other and should be held up to the same scrutiny (more so, given the impact some have on people's lives).

  • David_Jay

    The problem with saying we are respecting or disrespecting beliefs is that we don't stop at mere convictions.

    If you show respect for a conviction, it means you are really respecting a person with that conviction. Convictions or beliefs are things that cannot really receive respect.

    The same goes for ridicule. Ideas and beliefs aren't affected by scorn and jeering. Showing contempt to a belief is wasted somewhat because it doesn't affect the belief itself. People generally scorn the person with the belief, they don't stop at the belief itself.

  • sparrowdown

    JWs in effect say "if you believe anything other than what WT teaches you are are stupid and worthy of death"

    Yeah, that's so respect-worthy. Bit, hard to feel all warm and fuzzy about someone who thinks you are worthy of death if you don't attend their church meetings

  • David_Jay


    I won't be the first to say you must respect the JWs. But if their calling others a moron for not accepting their view of the world and their convictions is a reason to disrespect and ridicule them, then you might as well say it would be just for me to show disrespect for and ridicule Simon. He basically called me a moron in his post above. After all, as many of you know, I'm a practicing Jew.

    But I don't feel or act that way. Just because someone may have negative feelings for me and/or things about me that I cherish is no reason for me to ridicule them back or treat them with disrespect. People deserve to be treated like humans, even the ones who think that my convictions somehow make me subhuman.

  • DJS

    If I'm hearing you correctly ypu are saying that if I'm saying that someone's ridiculous, potentially harmful, beliefs are ridiculous and I link the person with those beliefs I'm calling that person ridiculous, at least as it applies to the ridiculous belief.

    Yes. That is correct.That's EXACTLY what I'm saying.

    I was stupid for believing the ridiculous tripe spewed by the DarkLords. There. I feel better. How about you DJ?

  • David_Jay

    No, DJS, I said we often cross that line when intending to do the other. Beliefs are just things, and don't respond or react to emotions or words we throw at them. They won't go away because we don't like them.

    But there is a place for calling attention to falsehood, injustice, evils. And justice often calls for ardor and anger and hatred for what is being fought. I was merely calling attention to the need for exercising one's freedom to employ ridicule with modesty.

  • cofty
    "Let's not just ridicule homosexuality, let's treat gay people with contempt." - DJ

    I see you decided to switch the topic.

  • Coded Logic

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