Is the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses really an inferior form of Christianity?

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  • nicolaou

    Seems to be quite a few posters recently pulling down the beliefs of JW's as not Biblical or truly Christian. Maybe you're right, maybe you're wrong, I really don't care.

    In some important ways though mainstream Christians often behave better than Jehovah's Witnesses; most don't practice shunning or impose lethal medical prohibitions on their members. Many are far more tolerant of the LGBT community and a few even make the awkward attempt to square the fact of evolution with their faith.

    Please note that I'm saying some, not all.

    So I suppose it's fair to say that differing forms of Christianity can be better or worse for individuals, families and the wider community. Christians are not all the same, it's not black and white.


    Don't pretend for a minute that any of that means nonsensical, supernatural beliefs have any merit as truth. They don't.

    Catholicism, Anglicism, Protestantism or any other 'Christianism' you can name are all rooted in the same bedrock of fallacy and superstition as the one you left behind in the Kingdom Hall.

    Call yourself a Christian? Then the Jehovah's Witnesses are still your brothers and the rest of your journey is still in front of you.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I'm not sure if Watchtower is an inferior form of Christianity.

    I think it's an extreme form of Christianity.

    BTW, although I view some Christian principles as good, I don't count myself as Christian.


    Inferior? Mmmm.....yes. Being a born-again Xian who performs charity, doesn't claim to be "THE TRUTH", doesn't practice shunning, and believes in a God of love, in infinitely better that a Neo-Zionist/Communist cult.

    I think that's why becoming a "BAC" is a path chosen by ex-dubs. The next choice is becoming agnostic.


  • Finkelstein

    Yes as far as showing " works " of faiths being that its core activity is to spread about false doctrines concerning the Gospel. JWs don't heal the sick or give to the poor or do other acts to help humanity.

    Jws are strategically avowed to the Watchtower Corporation and distributing its false commercialized teachings

  • David_Jay

    I've asked this question myself.

    Whereas I can't offer a definitive answer, I can say that I've noticed it to be what people often call "a poor cousin" of traditional religion.

    Historically religions defend ancient traditions as unchangeable truths, but Jehovah’s Witnesses seemingly create their theology ad-hoc to protect their central belief that they are the one-true religion approved by the Creator. It often appears that all that really mattes to them is that they have found the truth, and that what they believe is true without any possible room for mistake. The have and will continue to change their definition of the last days and the final generation "as-needed" to protect this, even though what they now teach would have disfellowshipped each and every member of the Governing Body for proclaiming it in, say, as recent as 1985.

    Tradition, ritual, spirituality, and a sense that there is something more transcendent and mysterious, greater than ourselves dominates religion. But the tableau offered by the Witnesses is a dry wasteland by comparison. There are no list of heroes or saints who defended the faith from changing or altering course. There are no other-worldly epiphanies or theophanies or miracles that they claim ownership of. There is no meditation or contemplation. They use the Bible like the Gnostics of the past and the Mormons of the present, advocating that divine revelation is limited to a written text instead of from the mouth of a deity.

    Most Christians I know do not consider Jehovah's Witnesses fellow members of the Christian faith. The central tradition of Christianity is rooted in the belief that the Creator appeared incarnate, becoming human in order to be more relate-able to the humanity he created. The belief that Jesus is not this ultimate revelation of God really puts up a wall between the Christians I've known and the Witnesses. But some do feel as you mentioned.

    I would put my money down on the Jehovah's Witnesses being more of an ideological movement than merely a religion. Like ISIS, Nazism, Imperial Japan, and other similar movements of the past, the Witnesses have religious overtones mixed in with a world-domination theme, looking forward to an end of present society and all its institutions, propagandizing a new world order to come in its place with them on the top and in the middle. The present society is worthless and less-human than they are, and it's an "us-against-the-world" philosophy that fires up the zeal of their adherents more than anything else.

  • JRK

    All religions suck.


  • nicolaou

    Thank you for such a considered reply David_Jay and welcome to the forum.

    You make a good point about the JW's being more of an ideological movement than a religion. Odd isn't it that a century ago the 'movement' would have bridled at being called a 'religion' whereas now that has completely reversed.

  • slimboyfat
    Don't pretend for a minute that any of that means nonsensical, supernatural beliefs have any merit as truth. They don't.
    Ah, the atheist materplan to charm their way to world domination in action.
  • nicolaou

    Avoidance Slim'? I'm rarely accused of being charming, hard to believe I know . . .

    Still as a means of achieving world domination it beats threats of Hell or Armageddon.

  • slimboyfat

    Agree with me or face bodily destruction vs. Agree with me or be labelled mentally unstable.

    Do we really need either approach?

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