The Jehovah's Witnesses' Governing Body are Elitists (Here is why)

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    When you start having personal helpers (averaghiing at least 4 per GB member)you've got to be seen as aletist. But this is what they want, they need to establish that authority.
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    Who gives a shit about these men? I couldn't care less what they think about themselves. I despise them and have no use for anybody who makes divine claims.


    What you forgot to mention is that the Witness religion doesn't tell the whole story to new studies (recruits), which is an understatement. They totally misrepresented what they were.

    I can honestly say I was a victim of "bait & switch" and would NEVER have joined if I knew the real deal.

    I carefully planned my "fade" and the only regret I have is that I didn't do it years earlier.

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    Iown Mylife4 days ago

    The thing is that the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society is a business! A business with the extra benefits of privileges with which religious organizations clothe themselves, including mind-control to keep members in subjection.

    The comparison fits.


    Let's be within the same context when we talk about business.

    Is there a difference between the NON-PROFIT business and the FOR-PROFIT business?

    In the case of The Watchtower, the difference is spectacular!

    The "employee" is voluntary!

    it is illegal in Texas to work for somebody who doesn't pay you because there is no such thing as CASUAL LABOR in a for-profit business.

    The Watchtower not only uses what amounts to slave labor (yes-yes, volunteer) but abuses their workers by the constant threat held over their head of DF-ing and Armageddon should they be ousted 'for cause.'

    A for-profit business hires you for a wage and takes out taxes, part of which go toward Social Security.

    You'll get none of that from Watchtower.

    The bastards at the top of the Jehovah's Witness treadmill don't have oversight by Federal Authority coming in to check their books or grill the Human Resources manager and the recourse to Legal help by outside agencies is laughable and tragic simultaneously.

    Does it make any difference that the GB are held up as charismatic leaders or that they can change any policy at any time without having to ask their constituency if they like it or not? OF COURSE. It makes them Titans rather than CEO's.

    The silly and wrong-headed tax exemptions relieve these "leaders" of accountability in so many ways which give them a free hand at their whimsical work of making the world in their own imaginary image.

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    Iown Mylife


    i gotta learn to define my terms, lol!


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    We all forget to do that, Marina :)

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