Toasted daughter: Why Jephthah almost certainly sacrificed his daughter to a complicit Jehovah

by Diogenesister 15 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • _Morpheus

    Wow tor.... your saying that god Almighty, smart enough to make the universe and everything in it, including the complex bio mechanical machine we call “humans”, is subject to error? He speaks before he thinks and therefore needs to change his mind....? How very human of him

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes! Jehovah supposedly hated the surrounding nations acts of child sacrifice etc...

    So, when Jeptha made that promise, Jehovah should have unequivocally stated "NO!, for that is something detestable to me!"

    Funny how there is no of record of that!

  • tor1500


    From the Bible he did create everything & thought...but that's just man's story....I don't pretend to know all....I'm a witness & I'm just expressing how they think...I didn't say how I think...

    They don't think at all they are fed...

    Sometimes when life isn't all roses...I tend to think....where is God, bet ya there ain't no God cuz how would he let this happen...then I think again...then say maybe there is a most..

    I am just a regular person that came into the org...whether there is a God or's a beautiful earth...& whatever created it...I'm glad to be life isn't perfect...not for anyone...

    Some believe in Science & Some believe in God...but at the end of the day...we all believe in something...Just look at our we heal...amazing...God or evolution...who knows ?


  • jwundubbed

    My congregation had a recital and a group of teenagers acted out the Jeptha's daughter story. My sister and about 6 other girls danced to that story! We were horrified when we realized (only a few years ago) what they had been dancing about.

    And what strikes me now is that the two instances where sons were asked to be sacrificed, they were saved! But the daughter that has to be sacrificed... doesn't get saved and is in fact sacrificed! Gross!

  • JRK

    Jehovah can be an asshole at times.


  • venus

    to1500, your comments show you are a great philosopher. I agree with you fully.

    Jeptah's account lacks logic and reason with God in the center. If we take out God, then story carries some message--think before you make promises!

    Bringing God into stories is the problem. For example, the nation of Israel used God for their own purpose--but it backfired. They put it in the scriptures that the very name Israel was given by God. Israel means one who struggles with God till He blesses in return which in the long run did not happen in the case of Israel as a nation. Its capital Jerusalem was described by Jesus as "Killer of prophets" (Mat 23:37). Even now Israel is not in a position to enjoy peace being surrounded by Arab nations inimical to them.

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