Using Illegal Means for Righteous Activism

by John Davis 103 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Funchback

    You have left all sorts of evidence.

    Your virtual DNA is spread all throughout your posts.

    I am wearning rubber-eye gloves as we speak.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    Then you're a really good forensic IT Specialist or a fantastic linguist. And good for you.

  • Funchback

    LOL! I know, right?


    JD, that thread you linked to is 5 years old. Why bring it up now?.....jp1692

    It`s probably Richard Oliver in another Incarnation.

    The SOB who wrote that thread was a WBT$ Apologist/Pedophile Protector.

    It`s an unsubtle way of injecting the Protection of WBT$/JW Pedophiles, into this conversation.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    So outlaw you are saying that JWLeaks is an apologist? OK I didn't think that he was but ok.


    So outlaw you are saying that JWLeaks is an apologist? OK I didn't think that he was but ok.....JD/Richard Oliver

    Oops my mistake..Sorry JWfacts!

    For those of you who don`t know, JWfacts is one of the good guys.


    JD/RO you linked us to where this WBT$ Pedophile Protecting DirtBag (James Mahon) had taken over the conversation, on that thread.

    That's who I meant to refer to......James Mahon

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    It would be interesting to study the "law" regarding the activities in question to see what sort of "jurisdiction" the "law" applies to as well as what sort of "person" may be held accountable. If the "law" in question is Corporation Statute (Corporation U.S. or Corporation State of XXXXX) then it may not even apply to a Man or Woman (who are not Corporation Created Persons) within the Original Jurisdiction of the Law of the Land. Since the New Deal of 1935 the Legal System in the U.S, is based upon Statute Code or Corporation Law which is not the Original Jurisdiction of 1789. New Deal law applies to Corporation Created PERSONS who are given an ACCOUNT NAME and an ACCOUNT NUMBER. These PERSONS exist only on paper as fiction. But, if you identify yourself as one of those PERSONS then you in fact become a Partnership and assume full liability for any purported violations of Code.

    For those who have found Truth there truly is freedom!

    God created Men and Women. Man creates Persons to be deceived and exploited.

  • jp1692

    Old Navy, you're overthinking this. Scan the whole thread and jump back in.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    That is a very real possibility.

    But one must never assume they've broken some "law" until there is complete comprehension of the "law," the nature of the jurisdiction and the type of Person the "law" applies to. Under the Original Jurisdiction, which still exists but is seldom entered, a Man or a Woman have not broken any "law" unless there is an injured party. Acting in the capacity of Man or Woman, the act of recording some conversation or proceeding would not be a violation of any Law of the Original Jurisdiction.

    Whereas, acting in the capacity of a LEGAL NAME PERSON would potentially make one culpable as that would be within the Corporate Jurisdiction of our present Legal System. Corporate created Fictions (Subjects) are property of the Creator (the State) and their "actions" are very tightly controlled.

    When answering to Authority be able to properly assert ones true identity: Are you a flesh and blood Man or Woman of the Original Jurisdiction or are you a LEGAL NAME ENTITY with a NUMBER which places you within the Private Corporation Jurisdiction which has come into existence with the New Deal?

    I know, I know... Many will not comprehend any of this. It really is simple but we've been so conditioned by The System we think the FICTION is us. FICTION has no freedom.

    When I entered the Navy in 1960 we were identified by our Nautical Name, Naval rate and Naval Service Number: LAST NAME, First Name, Middle Initial, Rate, 529-00-XX

    In 1970, Military Service Numbers were abolished and replaced with the Social Security Account Number (New Service Number) and the LEGAL NAME format:


    This signified that in 1970 the process of converting all of the State Governments to Federal Corporation District States with their Revised Statutes had been completed and that all American Citizens were to be identified as LEGAL FICTION PERSONS with their SSAN/TIN.

    State ID and Driver License formats gradually came into this new standard as well to signify that the State Governments are Political Subdivisions of the Federal Government.

    The New Deal Corporation U.S. and its Federal Corporation District States was fully implemented and doing Business. The Original Jurisdiction was put on the shelf. The Military Flag became the symbol of the New Deal Legal System.

    So how are Active Witnesses today accounted for within the Organization; how are they identified? Are they Men and Women or are they Creations of the Watchtower Corporation? The Watchtower Corporation is a Private Jurisdiction that is capable of enacting its own "laws" upon its own "Property."

    Do the membership know who/what they are?

  • Tricky Micky
    Tricky Micky

    No you are all forgetting the golden rule.... How would the witnesses treat you?

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