Watchtower refuses to "Say Sorry" to Australian Royal Commission

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  • jwleaks

    “Today, as a nation, we confront our failure to listen, to believe and to provide justice. And again today, we say sorry. To the children we failed, sorry.” - Prime Minster of Australia

    [silence] - Jehovah’s Witnesses

  • dontfitin

    Here is a link to search for which institutions are participating in the "redress scheme", what we would probably refer to as a compensation fund. JWs are not on there, it mentions...

    Many institutions have already agreed to join the Scheme. This includes the Commonwealth, and all state and territory governments and many of the major churches and charities, including the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, the Uniting Church, the Salvation Army, the YMCA and Scouts Australia.


    I haven't found any documentation about what other institutions agreed to "apologize". I'm sure that could be argued as legal liability.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The Governing Body is stuck on stupid because of all those years spent subjecting themselves to corporation directives, it became their whole life, and so you can just imagine the amount of brain shrinkage that happened to these men and just how stuck on stupid they really are.

    They are so stuck on not apologizing they are willing to bring down the whole corporation because of it. Brain shrinkage!

  • FedUpJW

    Has the WTS ever accepted blame and apologised?


    <<<<<<<<< gasp!>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  • Witchettygrub
  • Unstuck

    Hi All,

    I was privileged to attend the National Apology yesterday. I was part of a small group of ex-jws attending the event. It was thrilling to be there, to hear the Apology in the Gallery of the House of Representatives but more importantly for the ex-jw community, to hear the Australian Prime Minister speak about the Government's commitment to follow-up on the recommendations from the CARC (Child Abuse Royal Commission to distinguish from the current ARC which is investigating financial institutions) and to hold to account any organisations that do not embrace the recommendations or participate in the redress scheme. The Australian Government will be reviewing yearly the progress of institutions in adopting the recommendations.

    After the apology, one of our community, spoke directly to Mr Scott Morrison (our current PM if you don't know until there is another leadership spill!) about the Jehovah's Witnesses failing to say sorry and their non-participation in the redress scheme and the Prime Minister said: "We are aware of that and we will be addressing it".

    Unlucky for Watchtower, the CARC is not going to go away. They are going to have to do something or they will be forced to.

    Lara was incredible! Her energy in chasing any politician / journalist / mover-or-shaker of any sort was phenomenal and something to observe. She managed, with Steven Unthank, to speak with Mr Bill Shorten (the opposition Leader), Ms Julia Gillard (former PM) and many many others.

    We also hounded several reporters and journalists during the course of the afternoon, some were very interested in what we had to tell them about Watchtower. The highlight for me was getting to speak with Justice Peter McClellan who told us that of all the videos from the CARC, the Jehovah's Witnesses had the highest views! I was able to tell him that for so many of us the CARC was the breaking point that helped us leave the religion. He said he was very happy to hear that.

    It was an incredible day that I will be processing for some time.

  • sparrowdown

    Thanks for the update Sherrie.

    Hopefully they will name and shame the arrogant JWs!

  • smiddy3

    Jehovah`s Witnesses / WTB&TS and anybody else can legally delay signing up to the National redress Scheme for survivors of Child Sexual abuse up until the 3o'th of June 2020

    Why does it have to take close on another two years for them to make their mind up about joining the scheme.?

    And you can bet your life JW`s will stop at nothing to extend that even further given half the chance.

    Why does the Government give these institutions so much leeway before they have to comply ?

    The more I learn about this process the more skeptical I become..

    Its already been about 5 years since this Australian Royal Commission into Institutionalized Child Sexual Abuse was proposed by Julia Gillard of the Labour party. { correct me if I`m wrong }

    It all seems like delaying tactics to me .

    And Governments are just giving lip service to appease those who are demanding justice. And given time it will all be forgotten as other issues will take precedence .

    Call me a cynic

  • cofty

    Unstuck - Thank you for the news. Hopefully the government and the media will keep the pressure on the WT.

  • stuckinarut2

    Brilliant thread!

    Yes, it was an amazing experience to see the wave of momentum in Canberra that day! It is simply amazing that "satan's wicked world" is making such great advances in tackling, owning up to and apologising for past errors in handling matters.

    Why is it that "Jehovah's organisation " can't do the same?

    Happily, the govt, and all agencies are WELL aware that the JW organisation is being deliberately non compliant and obstructive. It has NOT escaped the attention of those that matter - and action continues to mount against the WTSociety.

    As we like to say to any still in JWs, "Prosecution is not Persecution"

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