Could we use the new shunning guidelines to our advantage?

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    Has the WTBTS decided to contradict the "Flock" book? The Flock Book says that you are NOT required to shun DF'd family members, only association with DF'd NON-FAMILY is forbidden.

    That being said, I have heard a CO say, " If YOU associate with your DF'd family, guess what?!!? YOU will be DF'd too!!!"

    The 2016 RC will be interesting.....


  • steve2

    As Dr Who said, this has been going on for years now in local congregations. "Loyal" JWs have always been expert at selectively shunning at will anyone associated with the congregation, showing that some people have a personality style that is drawn to socially disapproving manipulative behaviors.

  • oldskool

    Nothing new. I feel the latest info demonstrates the JW org appears interested in decreasing the chances for faders.

    With so much talk about fading on the net, its no big surprise.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Is there a link to the new guidelines?

    I was referring to what was / is being said at the 2016 convention.

  • Sliced

    Expect to see "new guidelines" soon in the written pages of the almighty Watchtower. Remember, after each summer convention- the talks will be broken down into palatable bites of "rich spiritual food" for all to enjoy. Highlights, including new light and new RULES will be, once again, served to the masses for instant regurgitation and application. I fed at this table long enough to know how it all works... the so called new guidelines on shunning inactive wrong doers WILL BE IN PRINT SOON. Look for it... its coming.

  • ttdtt

    Here is the part in the outline speaking about this.
    Really nothing new here - same as we have heard for decades.

  • Vidiot

    oldskool - "I feel the latest info demonstrates the JW org appears interested in decreasing the chances for faders."

    As in, making it harder to fade?


    Personally, I think it's to keep the rest of the rank-and-file from learning why we've faded.

    A much more dangerous prospect, from their POV.

  • RubaDub

    I also would like to see these new guidelines.

    So would I.

    I did find out one of the new guidelines for DF'd people seeking reinstatement is when looking into a mirror, don't look at yourself directly buy turn your head the other way.

    Rub a Dub

  • raven

    I have a copy of the guidelines:

    Friday Afternoon
    Symposium : Loyally Uphold Jehovah’s Judgments

    Shun Unrepentant Wrongdoers (NO_15-S.pdf)
    Jehovah’s justice benefits us
    Jehovah’s law given to Moses protected God’s people physically and spiritually from bad or evil influences.
    The Israelites’ loyalty was put to the test by some of these laws (Dt 13:1 -11)

    Since the first century Jehovah has commanded us not to seek friendship or fellowship from unrepentant ones [Read 1 Cor 5:11 -13]
    Disfellowshipping is a beneficial measure even though some from this permissive world consider it an excessive/cruel/radical (W15 4/15 29-31)
    *** (no scripture reference here! ) ***

    It helps keep Jehovah’s and his organization’s name clean. It protects us from bad associations, which includes messages from apostates or other opposers that are used to spread harmful ideas. (2Jn, 10, 11)
    Disfellowshipping can help a sinner to return to Jehovah.

    Loyal Christians should not associate with anyone “called a brother” and yet practices grave sin.
    We have to do so even with unrepentant ones that have not been dealt by the congregation, like in the case of inactive ones.
    It can be an especially tough test of our loyalty when the unrepentant sinner is a family member. We shouldn’t allow family ties to threaten our loyalty to Jehovah and his organization (w13, 1/15 15, 16 Paragraphs 16 – 20).
    The following video will see how loyalty reaps benefits..

    Jehovah understands the pain cause by the loss of a loved one.
    Jehovah’s reaction to the rebellion of the people of Isreal helps us understand how he felt when some of his spiritual children joined Satan’s rebellion (Sl 78:40, 41; w07 1/15 17, 18)
    Jehovah does not let his emotions get the better of him. He punished the Israelites severely (Sl 78:60-62)
    He also took measures against rebels in the spirit realm so he could protect the rest of his heavenly family (Jud 6; Rev 12:7-9)

    Respect Jehovah’s discipline
    Disfellowshipping can be a painful measure, but those that accept it are seen as righteous once again by God [Read Heb 12:11) (W12 4/15 12 paragraph 16)
    Let’s not let Jehovah’s discipline lose it power or effectiveness.
    But,what should we do if a sinner repents and changes his ways?
    Brother _____ will give the final talk in this Symposium ‘Loyally uphold Jehovah’s Judgements’ called ‘Be Forgiving’

    Hope this helps..


  • LongHairGal

    This idiot religion has been marking and shunning people all along. They're just stepping it up a bit.

    There is nothing really new here except that they are ticked-off about all the people who are escaping the JW religion.

    They perceive the escapees are glad they are out and don't give a sh#t what the religion thinks. They are afraid these escapees may have some contact with JWs still in and may persuade them to leave as well.

    I was marked and shunned by certain judgmental cliques when I was STILL active in the religion!!! So, this means less than nothing to me now.

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