Ozzie's Weekend Poll #58

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  • Soledad

    Great question Ozzie

    there was a period of time in my congregation (about 2 years) where a lot of engagements and weddings took place, so I often got invited out, I would say at least 3 times a month. We would all go to a movie, dinner and sometimes bowling, once even an off-broadway show, dinner included! It was great while it lasted.

    The weddings were totally off the hook. Upscale restaurants, white limos, rolls royces, buggy rides around Central Park, champagne, lobster dinners, lots of dancing, lots of liquor. Not your typical witness behavior I would say.

    Then, that all changed once the happy couples started having babies. The witnesses would still call me up, but not for going out. I was called to come over and babysit while they went out and had a good time at the theatres! It wasnt all bad though, the kids were pretty well behaved and I made sure I ran up the phone bill!!!

    btw: kookaburra? magpie? what are those? cheers!

  • micheal

    1. At least 2 to 3 times a month

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