Ozzie's Weekend Poll #58

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  • Hapgood

    We were invited out on the average about once every 3 months. Although when I became less spiritual (not selling enough Watchtowers), the invites dried up, just when I really could have used some encouragement.



    Once a year....whether I ....ummm........."deserved" it or not...


  • Kenneson

    More than once a month.

  • Wolfgirl

    Somewhere between never and once a year. Probably a handful of times during the 25 years I was in the org. When I was a kid, I'd sometimes get invited to one person's house, but not once we got older. You know, parents trying to keep the opposite sexes apart.

  • LeslieV

    I would have to say for myself hmmmmm once every 6 months. If I was "lucky"


  • logansrun

    Of the three halls I was associated with:

    First congo: about six times a month

    Second congo: about three times a week

    Third congo: In ten months, only twice


  • Robdar

    At least once a month, sometimes more, our family was invited out for a meal after the meeting. However, we were only invited to get togethers maybe once a year.


  • Amazing

    My wife and I were in with the "in" crowd for mant years ... so we were invited to dinner at least once or twice a week (at least 5 times a month). And we invited others to dine with us in various forms at least 2 or 3 times a month. Things went downhill, though, when I stepped aside as an Elder ... but what really got them was the way I started chewing with my mouth open in pure Apostate fashion, and spitting on the JW guest when I slurpped a slug of beer and belched. - Jim W.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Hmmmm not that often. Certainly not as often as we had people over. We never fit in and despite what people think about elders getting invites - well not for us. With 2 kids it seemed we were never on the A list. Most of the other elders had no kids so I think they were easier for people to feed or something.

    We had people over at least once a week - rarely had a return invite. And I made sure people were not left out and frequently had larger groups where the "often forgotten" were invited.

    I hated it so much that my mother rarely got invited out because she was a single mom with kids - and unruly ones at that. (those moms I made sure got an invite to picnics where the kids could run outside) LOL

  • talley

    4. NONE, since I had an 'unbelieving' husband and no children to indoctrinate, I was of absolutely no social value to them at all, plus it probably was a red flag that I was quite satisfied and content with my situation at home.

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