Another one bites the dust...

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  • talesin

    STA, so sorry to read of your troubles. Hang on till March 1. I know the value of what I used to call my 'steam valve', ie, therapy. Maybe you can get weekly sessions? It's such a relief, to have that person, who is there to focus on you, and exclusively you, for that 55 minutes (it's never an hour, haha).

    If you wish, try 3-step breathing. Sit down, hands on thighs or arms of chair, and breathe in through the nostrils, into your lungs, then a bit more, filling your diaphragm, and then deeper, pushing out your belly. Breathe out through your mouth. And repeat. The focus on breathing helps your mind stop racing. It should help you relax. xx

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Yeah, lol, don't go to any more meetings, that's better your health.
  • Giordano

    So she wouldn't let her children die for want of blood.

    That means she is willing to face that terrible belief and she would give up eternal life to save her children......that's pretty impressive.

    That belief.......... Or unwillingness to follow is a thread that once pulled can unravel other things. It did so for me.

    Stay away from the cheap tricks of debating like 607 BC a JW doesn't care about that or that lame JW.Org. That's just clutter.

    Tell her you are in agreement that the children come first. Talk about Armageddon tell her you drove by an elementary school, the kids were out playing and you realized you were looking at them like the walking dead. That you were taught that this would mean they would die horribly once Armageddon commenced. That it was senseless to destroy the people who weren't JW's a slaughter of every man, women and child, babies.......... even the unborn.That was the second thread that I pulled.

    The third, if I knew about it back when, would have been the JW pedophile issue. How the Elders follow everything the Society demands even if the child is unprotected. Jesus was very specific about having 'the children come to him and not hinder the children.' For his followers to be as children. What would Jesus have said if he knew that some of his followers were hiding behind his two witness rule' and sexually abusing children and getting away with it.

    Speak about it as your concern don't attack her with this stuff tell these are the reasons you need to step away.

    If she starts to see how reckless the Society is with the health and welfare of it's followers especially the children........ maybe the entire ball of thread gets unraveled.

    You mentioned her family is in.......... hopefully she can become protective enough of her children and marriage that she will not allow you to be disrespected.


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