At A Loss

by azor 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • azor

    Again thank you all for your loving and kind words. She was released Friday and home recovering. Having family now would be not only helpful but really needed.

    I think back to when I was in and reflect on the extremely limited assistance I received from them. With the exception of my Mom. Who has challenges of her own as a single woman in her 70's. I only ask for her help when I have no other choices. The rest of the family is too busy with their crapcratic duties. Most of my family came by one or twice in the 3 years that my son was going through treatment. They all live within driving distance in southern California.

    When my wife was in the hospital this week her sister came by a couple of times. Her sister doesn't know we're out. I was trying to arrange to drop her off at home on a Tuesday due to her having car troubles. Since my office is over an hour from the hospital and I would get back to the hospital around 6 she tells me she can't miss her meeting. This was when my wife her sister had fluid building up in her lungs and was in constant pain. I looked at her and said "you see your sister there in a hospital bed and your worried about making your meeting, really." She didn't go that day. So my wife was alone all day.

    I wanted to say so much more. I hate this dann cult.

  • Xanthippe

    Azor I'm so glad your wife is at home recovering. I feel your pain. When we need our family they have something more important to do I know. It's a mental illness they have, this cult, that's all we can say. Love to you and your wife. Xx

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