1 Step Forward and 3 Steps Back: Trying to Get My Mom to See 'The Light' (Oh the Irony!)

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  • zeb


    Good grief. I could hear 'Deliverance' banjos playing as I read of your family. Look out for yourself. Study by all means.. the bible. Learn the exquisite value of your silence around them. Be a 'model' son do the dishes, mow the lawns etc. Are you at school? make the very most of it to get the best grades you can. agree with all they say or deflect. ie 'I have assignments' to do for next week.'

    Your sisters attack is telling. She is young no doubt and jw kids are in my long experience at least two years behind their 'worldly' peers in social maturity so when she gets her first serious attack of the hots she will give your parents so much to deal with they will vector their guns off you giving you breathing space.

    As Scratchme 1010 just said, "Some family members just don't drop it, so avoid that situation; it's not going to bear anything positive."

    Do you have a job a trade or a career you would like to do? Aim for it now, seek information on it..now. I have utmost empathy for you pm me as you will.

  • Landy

    Unfortunately, for many reasons, you're wasting your time trying to make them see sense.

    Just respectfully explain to your mother that she has her beliefs and that's fine but they aren't your beliefs. Just as she expects you to respect her beliefs, ask her to respect yours.

    Hopefully you've got many years ahead with a good relationship with your mother. Don't put up walls that don't need to be there.

  • steve2

    No way will your parents acknowledge the validity of your arguments. No way. They cannot afford to do so for it will mean they have been wrong all these long years.

    In fact, it is incredibly hard for anyone - religious or otherwise - to concede a point of view that differs from their own. But its much, much more difficult for people to do when they have been taught they - and they alone - have the truth.

    All arguing does is end up with both sides more convinced they are right and angrier and upset with the other side.

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