Subtle Differences in congregations

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  • TMS

    Not a JW apologist, but, with respect to eliminating racial prejudice, we tried.

    Economic superiority, though, was treated differently, as it was reinforced by the Watchtower and their circuit overseer minions, who were influenced by the green handshake, the hotel accommodations during assemblies paid for by wealthy JWs and the low self-esteem of the "publishers."

  • SouthCentral

    James Mixon-The Watts congregation was in our circuit. I went to a talk there once. I think the hall was across from the projects. Incredible experience. Two homeless people interrupted the speaker while on stage. Great people in the hall though.

    Its great to see that many DID not notice any issues in their congregations. Among the black witnesses in Carson and Inglewood, they DEFINITELY felt that they were better than us South-Central folk. Its all funny in hindsight.

  • closed

    UK 2015; all white English, app 100 pub, 25000 town, an emigrant from Poland refused to be appointed as en elder for half a year, even though he had recommendation from previous Cong in UK, Cob told him that his Polish-ness is a problem. And very soon they had him resign/ taken off.

  • sir82

    What are some differences that you noticed between black/white/spanish congregations?

    One of the things that surprised me at first (though I am accustomed to it now) is the division between Latino nationalities,

    In Spanish-language congregations, the Dominicans stick with the Dominicans, the Mexicans with the Mexicans, the Colombians with the Colombians, the Hondurans with the Hondurans, etc. There are often significant language and cultural differences. I wouldn't say there is friction exactly, but VERY clique-ish.

  • SouthCentral

    closed- white on white crime, i had never thougth about that!!!!!!!!


    sir82-Very true!!!!

  • Diogenesister

    Grew up in the UK, quite a mixed cong. Gotta say, tho I'm white, the witnesses were a shining example of brotherly love and non racism compared to the rest of society. Many happy mixed marriages, tho very, very comman now where I live in Brixton (😍coolest place ever) wasn't so common in the 70s and 80s when there was more racism. Have to say racism amoung the people is not tolerated now, tho it exists in institutions in particular and out in the country or among the poor and ignorant.

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