the-question (607 BCE explained and proved)

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  • mrquik

    I once gave a talk on perspective; how after we hang a picture on a wall we stand back. This we do to see if it's hanging straight in proper perspective to the wall. 1914, when viewed from any perspective, is not the beginning nor ending of any time period. When one includes, not only the 607 error, but also , every other fact this doctrine is unsustainable. Consider: 1914 date originally a date popularized by Christiandom & copied by Russell. World War I not the greatest war by any standard. Earthquake frequency has not increased. Last "generation' long gone. Their ignoring of every single thing they ever wrote on "the last generation." Witnesses used to pride themselves on "making sure of all things" & "make the truth your own". They have long forsaken the truth. The truth " is not in them"......

  • Finkelstein

    Well said mrquik

  • pleaseresearch

    Well "the-question" user didn't show up. But what an informed lot you are. Very proud to be reading your findings and thoughts. Beats anything written in a Watchtower.

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