My First Night on the Job

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  • Country_Woman

    so far for quiet nights.........

  • Bendrr

    Yizu, I'm glad you landed a job. It's hard to keep a good man down!

    I used to work convenience store jobs part time for the extra money, and for one stretch I worked one full time as my only job, so I can definitely relate.

    I don't know what state you live in (or your personal views on the subject) so things may be different for you, but from my experience I can tell you one thing about working night-shift at a convenience store. Forget company rules, get a gun and a license to carry it concealed. In all the times I worked in convenience stores I was ALWAYS armed. The cops knew it, knew I was licensed, and fully supported me in it. I also know that at least one of my managers knew it too and she didn't object. (come to think of it, I've been armed on ALL my jobs and have never heard objections from management even when it was blatantly against company policy)

    Make friends with the cops. I garantee you'll love it! It ain't just the free coffee because let's face it, convenience store coffee sucks. You'll find that a lot of them just want someone to talk to. I did it at my convenience store jobs and I used to do that when I was delivering pizzas. Yeah I kept them stoked on free hot and fresh pizzas, but I'd also just talk to them. If I didn't feel like going home after my late night shift was over I'd drive until I saw one parked somewhere, then pull up next to his car and just start talking. I don't think any of those conversations lasted less than an hour unless he got a call.

    Hang in there buddy.


  • Yizuman
    I always read your posts, and hope u will be ok. How long before u can get out of the mission? holing a good thught for u, and hoping it will get a little easier. u will have some great stories to tell

    Well, the paycheck isn't until 2 weeks, so the pay is every 2 weeks. Here's some of my goals listed below.... $424.00 back rent to the old landlord. $200.00 some dollars to electric. $100.00 some dollars to phone. These are what I owed when I was booted from my home. So When I get my first paycheck, first I need to pay the mission the rent for sheltering me (I had been paying $65.00 out of my unemployment checks, also I reported my employment thru the web today), then I will look at what's left over and see how much I can give to the old landlord and see how much I need to keep to last me 2 weeks until my next paycheck. Then after I get my old landlord paid off, then the electric bill is next and the phone following after that. Then I need to save up for a new apartment and get my car fixed. Pretty much it. Unless anyone has any suggestions and tips, my new hearing-aids is all "ears" Yiz

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