My First Bad Strawberry Festival Day-3/3/13

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  • Loi_241

    On Sunday, March 3, 2013 was my first bad day at Strawberry Festival. I wish that it was not my day. Oh, God. Why was that happen? When I came to Strawberry Festival, I at first was trying to withdraw $20.00 from my account but I picked the wrong PIN over three times and then my credit card was declined. I was really disappointed. And a JW woman don't care about it. She think that it is nothing. She did not listen to my suggestion to her before ATM at festival is to take my check, withdrawal, and then give me the cash instead of loan. Interesting to see how smart she is. She play with my mind. This is not a true friend to me. Also, not a Christian way to treat me like that.

    Here is a polite complaint friendship letter to let her know how I feel about what she did to me at Strawberry Festival.

    Sunday, March 3, 2013


    I am writing you to express the topic of Strawberry Festival. I would like to thank you for taking me to Strawberry Festival. It was kind of you. Let it practice more is a good thing.

    I am appreciated if you let me to pick something I like. Without doing that, it would be difficult for us to get the type of friendship we need. Especially, the mind of peace is much better.

    As you will understand that sick mind is not healthy for you to hang out with a person-like me. Please do not think is wrong. Allowing your time to take a break and be happy with the people you love.

    Please accept this regarding letter and if you do, that will help you to get what you have done.



    I was hoping she accept listening to this letter. But she asked me of what this letter mean. I sighed, I explained it to her.

  • sir82
    I like strawberries.
  • Loi_241
    sir82, me too. I love strawberries. :D Strawberry is my favorite fruit.
  • chicken little
    chicken little

    Strawberry fields forever.....

  • Loi_241
    chicken little, LOL. Yes! Strawberry fields forever...I love it! :D
  • John Free
    John Free

    A festival for strawberries? Really? I mean...I like them...with cream especially... But...come to think of it I like them a lot...yeah okay.

  • oppostate

    I like strawberries, especially so with ice-cream, but they don't seem to like me. They make my tongue itch.

    They also smell sort of funny to me like acetone or something. On second thought I'll just have the ice-cream and let's hold the strawberries.

  • Listener
    One of my favourite deserts is a sponge cake filled with strawberries and cream with chocolate drizzled over the top.
  • rebel8

    Dipped in chocolate or marinated in booze

  • sowhatnow

    lol, well there you go, not everyone looks at the same situation the same way, maybe she did not understand what to do.

    what state was the festival in? a few years ago, i went to the florida strawberry festival close to lakeland florida.

    it was hot hot hot that day. wish it wasnt so hot, id have liked to have been able to stay longer.

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