If a JW Came To Your Door How Would You Handle It?

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  • snugglebunny

    I tell the truth but with certain withholds about myself.

    I tell them that I am appalled that my brother was shunned from age 17 onwards because of his one-time relationship with a girl. I tell them that now, at age 59. he is still shunned and that those who shun him have no idea just why they're shunning him, it's all so long ago and did they feel that Jesus would have joined in with that?

  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW but dated an "Elder" for 5 years. Then I found out his religious beliefs. Since then I have had 3 encounters with JWS. Well it did not go very well for them. First one has now guaranteed that one of their popular hangouts for handing out that literature is now off limits. As the owner of one of the largest businesses there said to me recently, the JWS had been here for years till you appeared now they have been totally gone for 2 years. What did you do? Me: Just worked my majic by asking him if he knew where to find the 10 Commandments in the Bible.

    Then the other to visits were at my home after the ARC. I LOVE children!!!! I posted both encounters previously. If I planted some serious seeds in these people my time was well spent especially the Elder who had the wife and stroller.

  • fukitol

    Turn around, pull your pants down, and give them a moonie.

    You can only reason with an unreasoning asshole by showing them what they are.

  • minimus

    I think I would play a little with them not let them know what I know and ask questions you know I am pretty good at that LOL

  • Vanderhoven7

    Yes, I like the idea of asking embarrassing questions...you know to test their knowledge of JW history.

    Why were JWs applauded for selling their homes in 1974?

    Who could JWs call Jerusalem and ask to speak to in 1926?

    Why was it wrong for JWs having children in the 1930s?


  • Fernando

    In my 44 years as a third generation born-in not a single Christian ever shared the liberating gospel of grace with me, when knocking at their doors.

    All they had to do was ask a simple question.

    • "What is the gospel in one word?"
    • "Is a right and clean standing with God earned or imputed?"
    • "Where do you stand on the 5 solas?"
    • "Where do you stand on law versus grace?"
    • "Where do you stand on faith versus works?"
    • "Is legalism apostasy?"

    What a pity no one had the ability or courage to ask a simple question...

  • blondie


    2 things that caught my attention as a jw

    1) that nowhere in the NT does it say that Christians were to be witnesses of Jehovah but only witnesses of Jesus (even Jesus said that at Acts 1:8)

    2) That nowhere does the bible use the phrase "governing body" but many jws think it is in there because the WTS tags on Acts 15 as if they are quoting from that.

  • steve2

    If an attractive adult male JW knocked on my door, I would also find time to listen. Always. I can forgive almost any man his abject stupidity and ignorance if he is pleasing to the eye. I might even agree to a Bible Study - with him only...and in my silent opening prayer, I might pray for something different than he would.

  • greenhornet

    It was about after one year after I faded. A group of them were out in "service" and did not recognize any of them.

    How ever one of the "sisters" did recognize me and asked me if I was a "brother'?

    I purposely gave her a WTF look and said "I dont know, Im my brothers brother, what do you mean?"

    She got embarrassed and said I thought you were someone. and walked away.

    But when they come knocking at my door at home I never answer. When I see them in down down Seattle with there stupid carts I pretend there the Mormons and ask them questions about how to become a Mormon.

    I just go on about Joseph Smith and their beliefs and ask them questions they cant answer. I realy have a lot of fun with them

  • greenhornet

    Oh yes I forgot about 3 years ago we had 2 lady elders always come buy and visit and share some quotes from the book of the Mormon we enjoy their visit and headed to there car. Low and behold I see some JWs working down the block and they come to our door and they started in on there spiel and I said you guys were just here like 10 mins. ago it was 2 elders . The look on there face was priceless. they got in the ca,r and the car group left the territory and am sure they were very confused.

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