If a JW Came To Your Door How Would You Handle It?

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  • drewcoul

    I haven't had them come to my door....but they hang out on the sidewalk in front of my local Kroger. I engage them from time to time. I don't want to be known as a guy who the figure is opposed, so I just ask questions.

    I say things like......"My brother is a Jehovah Witness [intentionally mispronouncing it] and I've talked to him some. Now, do you guys believe that at Armageddon, you have to be a Jehovah Witness to live?"

    This is usually enough, if I do it sheepishly enough to get them trying to defend their faith. They throw the old straw-man arguments up that I remember using. I just direct them back and insist that they answer, not what the Watchtower says, but what do they believe.

    I just make sure I just ask a lot of questions, because you know how much they love to use their superior Bible knowledge......you can use enough questions to make them see the silliness of their own reasoning. At least it should get them thinking.

  • Iamallcool
    I would not answer the door. Good thing is that I have a peep hole.
  • OneGenTwoGroups

    I would ask: Are you people still championing that "generation of 1914 is still alive" thing?

    Whatever the answer, I would then say: "You're definitely not cult, definitely not." Smile and close the door.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I'm too well known to pretend that I have never been a JW. However, if I was not in my town, I'd listen to what ever they say and would try to come up with questions that I know they'd try to lie about. Then, at the end of the day, they'd go home and wonder why they had to lie that way.

    Do the JWs have a Pope like the Catholics?

    No, its a small group of brothers who ... blah blah blah.

    Oh, so do you believe that they are prophets? Do they have visions? Are they inspired?

    No, they ... blah blah blah.

    OK, so then, they lay some ground rules for everyone and other things are left to councience. right.


    So what are you preaching about.

    blah blah blah ... the last day ... blah blah blah.

    How do you know we are the living the last day?

    blah blah blah .... 1914 ... blah blah blah.

    1914? Is that really in the bible?

    Yes... 607 bc, 7 times, great war ... blah blah blah

    Yeah that sounds like it would be nice. But obviously, believing this is a conscience matter with JWs, like not ALL JWs HAVE to believe this right?

    Well, the bible is clear about this and blah blah blah

    Really? So, if I'm like the good Samaritan, I help others, preach that Jesus died for our sins and you need to have a good life, and basically don't do anything, could I still be a witness if, at the same time, I find that 1914 doesn't make sense?

    [Expect them to lie right about here]

    Do you know any JW that openly doesn't believe in that?

    blah blah blah ... maby some in their heart, blah blah blah.

    So, if I get this right, this is a teaching that cannot be questioned. Whoa now, this is something very specific to be set as a ground rule by some group of men. Are you sure they're not directly inspired by God like prophets? Can they do some miracles?

    No, they are good humble Christien who study the bible blah blah blah

    So, they're not prophets, and yet, expect the same authority even weird teachings such as this... something isn't right here...

  • Khaleesi

    I just had 2 sisters grab me at my gate this past weekend, i told them I decided to take a break from it, then she tried to insinuate that something personal was happening in my life that drove me to that decision, i looked at her & said no everything was going great in my life that actually that i feel less stressful since I took a break from mtgs, the look on her face was priceless!!!

  • OrphanCrow

    I react in various ways, just depending on my mood. Over the years, I have employed all sorts of strategies with both extremes. A couple bad meltdowns that had the neighbors scared of me. And some calm and rational discussions (not many of those). That was in the days when I still cared about what the bible said.

    And I have been on various Do Not Call lists. Both respected and ignored at times.

    My slam dunk, though, happened at memorial time one year. I arrived home to find a Jesus tract in my door and a JW lady just getting in her vehicle. 3 other women in her SUV.

    I walked over to the driver's side and when the lady rolled down her window, I sort of leaned in so I could see all of them.

    I asked them, "Do you believe in Jesus?"

    "Oh yes...of course we do!"

    "Do you believe he shed his blood so the whole world would have a chance to be saved?"

    "Of course!"

    "Well...if Jesus gave his blood so we all could live, why don't you give blood? So other people can live? Don't you follow Jesus?"

    They were stammering and trying to find a bible verse when I walked away. The one lady was shouting something about Sacred!!

    That's the one I would use again if I couldn't think of anything else. Just for an opening maybe. And if I was in the mood, I would invite them in. Then we could talk about blood. I would make tea.

  • ShirleyW

    "If a JW came to your door how would you handle it?"

    Tell them to get the F**K away from my door . . and don't come back

  • A Ha
    A Ha

    I tell them I don't believe in God and they say, "But look at the trees!"

  • smiddy

    The last time i had a discussion with the JW`s was when I was house sitting in a different state.And I kept the 2 JW`s on the doorstep for over an hour At least it kept them from going to other doors that morning .

    The next time I have an opportunity to engage them ,taking a leaf out of Searches post I will ask them to show me in the "New Testament" where it is written that followers of J.C. are to be "witnesses" of Jehovah.?

    Their is not one scripture that instructs christians to be a witness to or for Jehovah , whereas their is something like thirty scriptures in the New Testament that admonish christians to bear witness to and for Jesus Christ ,and that it is his name that every knee should bend down to ,on earth in heaven and under the ground ,in other words to worship JC ,not Jehovah.

    In fact Jesus Christ never used a personal name for GOD in the New Testament. and nor did anyone else. The tetragrammaton does not exist in the manuscript JW`s base their Bible on in the New Testament.

    And not let them deviate from that argument.

  • Happeanna

    When they came once to my door I said

    'there is absolutely nothing attractive about you people, you pray for the deaths of the majority of mankind each day. Why would I be attracted to you or your god?

    (wait for response)

    if I am not a Jehovah's Witness at the end of the world shall I live or die? What about all the children and people never heard about your good news, by the way , whats good about it?

    No there is nothing that would ever attract me to you

    really you people should be ashamed of what you believe not sharing it

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