If a JW Came To Your Door How Would You Handle It?

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  • TheFadingAlbatros

    As I have dissociated myself soon two years ago I simply say during their annual visit : "The way out of my house is two floors down." Period.


  • Vanderhoven7

    I would listen to their pre-packaged message; then ask them how they became Christians; then I would share my testimony in the gospel.

    Finally I would tell them that I believe that their religion was not biblical but that I would be willing to sit down with them and discuss those teachings that concern me. (for example - that the Bible outlaws blood transfusions)

    At our first home Bible study, as homeowner, I would insist we first deal with the issue of interpretation.

    Then I would list 4 requirements that I would need to validate that any doctrine or position was biblical.

    1. there had to be one scripture at least

    2. that scripture or scriptures must not be altered, added to, subtracted from etc.

    3. that verses cannot be linked unless there is proof that they are related. (e.g. parallel passages)

    4. that context; textual, situational, historical must be considered.

    I would ask them what they thought about these rules...whether they agree that these were good rules that could reduce doctrinal error.

    Then I would give them a verse of scripture (Matthew 13:44) the parable of a man walking in a field, finding and hiding a treasure and selling all to buy the field. I then would ask them if it was biblical or beyond what is biblical to teach that verse 44 was about Joseph Smith who found gold plates in a field in upper state NY in 1827.

    They certainly would agree that this was extra-biblical and that impregnating the scriptures with their own church history represented interpretive abuse.

    Then I would ask them (with their Revelation book on hand) how they know that their foundational beliefs are biblical?

    For example - Does the Bible does teach:

    1. that the first resurrection began in the spring of 1918

    2. that Jesus Christ rejected all of the churches of Christendom in the fall of 1918

    3. that a special group of men at headquarters in Brooklyn NY were appointed by Jesus in 1919 providing them with exclusive mandate and unique ability to interpret the Bible for all believers.

    4. that the sounding of the seven trumpets of Revelation got under way in 1922 at a Bible student convention at Cedar Point Ohio..

    5. that since 1935 God has been calling a group of Christians who are not born again sons of God who are not part of the new covenant arrangement and do not have a heavenly hope.

    6. that 1914 was a marked year in the Bible.

    I probably would start with the 7 trumpet nonsense first because it is so graphically clear in the Revelation book how they make the Bible teach whatever they want. One can make much hay out of every one of the 6 teachings above.

  • blondie

    If they had come specifically to see us, I would politely send them on their way (or not answer the door). We have told them they have to call first, no dropping by.

    Now if they sincerely seemed to be ignorant of my status, I would just send them on their way politely but not mention my past jw experience.

    No pearls before swine.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    listen to what they say---then ask them if they really believe it.

  • scratchme1010

    I'd first remember how it felt back when I was doing that same thing when people were being nasty. Keeping that in mind, I'd then look at the kind of approach the person has when addressing me. From there I could be polite and let them know that I have no interest in their organization, in changing my believes, no interest in their literature, no interest in anything they have to say (I used to try to keep the conversation going by asking people to be specific about what they were not interested in, so I'm not going to fall into my own old trick). From there, the level of impoliteness will depend on their level of pushiness.

    So far I haven't had to get nasty with them, they have gotten it in the first round of communication.

  • Bw500

    Assuming I could keep a straight face, I'd ask them exactly how the came to the 1914 date (I used to have nightmares about being asked that out in service)

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Right up front I tell them at one time I walked with you. I was a Elder, served where the need is great and a missionary. Guess what, most ask "what happen". You would think they would turn and walk away, but they are curious why I walked and not return after so many years especially since the end is near...I told one elder that came to my door, I read the Bible......

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    "Come in! I would very much enjoy watching some of the Australian Royal Commission investigation on you tube with you, then we can talk about how the WT protects pedophiles."

  • jeanniebeanzz

    minimus used to drive us all crazy, all us old timers... deez questions are not questions... they are kicking the hornets nest. lol *we love you minimus*

  • Chook

    If they come to my door and they didn't no I was an xjw I would give them a hypothetical about a childhood friend who joined jws and that I have contact with his adult child who was baptised at 12 years of age. And I would relate that the father no longer talks to the child because the child joined another Christian church, I would ask the Jws could this really be true that shunning a child for going to different church.i would let the bastards qiirm and wriggle and then tell them it's evil.

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