Ass(Mule) Worshipping Hebrews

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  • Robdar


    What is your problem with perceived feminists? First you attack me, then you attack Ravyn.

    Feeling rather insecure?

    Robyn--of the jeez, men like you are enough to make any woman a feminist class

  • DannyBear


    If you don't care for the Womens Encylopedia of Myths, perhaps you would be more comfortable with 'Aid to Bible Understanding' or the Children's Illustrated Bible? Maybe the paintings on the ceilings of a myriad Italian chapels depicting God and his angels in various very human form. ????????????

    Why oh why does one man's faith, allow for such mocking of another's view. You like most other fervent believer's carry on the tradition of narrow minded judgementalisim.

    Maybe if you read the info above with an open mind, you might concede the possiblity that your chosen faith, is just another 'myth'? Think maybe?

    Oh well it was worth a try.


  • Ravyn

    aaah...don't worry about the likes of Mizpah. He couldn't 'dignify' anything anyway. Barbara Walker spent 25 years researching the material in her book that I quoted, somehow I don't think Mizpah would even have that kind of attention span.

    And I am not a feminist.


  • kgfreeperson

    good heavens! Why not?

  • Ravyn

    because I do not believe the way to balance the inequality is to overcompensate in the other direction.

    It is like my witchcraft--I have two hands, Left and Right--why should I limit myself to only one or the other?


  • DFWnonJW

    Cain't we all just git along? <frowny face go here>

    Maybe if we were all just peoplists rather than feminists or himinists?

    btw, this isn't directed at the feminists [percieved or otherwise] around here. <winky face go here>

  • GinnyTosken
    Pales was a deity. The ass-god. Or the ass-goddess. Usually he was male, but sometimes she was female, and sometimes its gender was a tad ambivalent. . . The ass was a savior who provided milk, meat, shoe leather, and transportation (what the Bible calls the "golden calf" was actually the golden ass, since there were never many cows in the Levant). The ass was also obstinate, silly, and sexually crude. Embodying all of those characteristics, Pales was trickster, fertility spirit, and sacred clown, presiding over humankind's unruly passions, giving mortals what they needed, but not before having some fun with them.

    from Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins


  • gumby
    (what the Bible calls the "golden calf" was actually the golden ass,

    Now it all makes sense!

    Aaron finally gets tired of looking at hairy leggs and armpits.....tired of the staunch smell of menopausing women in the desert with no sprays of anykind..........and so the gray bearded poor bastard makes his own ass.

    (blow up dolls weren't around at the time)


  • smack

    EX SKEWS ME I'd like to ASS you a question


  • peacefulpete

    There have been a number of charges from early authors of Jewish adoration of the ass or ass head. It was said that Antiochus Ephipnanes found a golden ass's head in the Temple when he came into it by force. These rumours may be founded in fact, howeever it is good to remember the sources were hardly objective. There is the possibility that stories circulated confusing the Jews with Egyptian or Greek cults that history is clear used the ass as a religious symbol. The crucified ass depicted in a piece of graffiti that has been seen as a christian depiction of Jesus is quite likely a picture of Bacchus/Dionysus as this was the standard representation of this god. The Christians immediately assumed it was supposed to be Jesus and designed as a mockery. Their paranoia may have contributed to this misidentification. The Christian story of a ride upon an ass representing victory does bear uncanny resemblence to the rite of Dionysus which depicted him as an ass or riding an ass when shedding the fleshly desires by his death. The ass represented the flesh and it's deprivations.

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