Classic situation at Circuit Assembly Day

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  • freddo

    So I've just skived off to the car park half way through our assembly day - what a classic morning.

    I'm sat right behind an early-teen kid with some sort of special needs (autistic?) who's sat with what looks like his late-30's harassed single parent mother. (or married to an unbelieving mate?)

    Every so often he makes an audible comment which can be heard by me and a few around us. He also has a big A4 size photocopy of those dumb questions they print in the program nowadays to keep us on message.

    So ... first item finishes and the chairman gets up and thanks the speaker and asks rhetorically ...

    Chairman "So we're all looking forward to the rest of the assembly aren't we brothers and sisters?"

    SNK (Special Needs Kid) "I'm not!"

    Kid's mother "Shhhhh!"

    SNK "Well I'm not! It's wrong to lie!"

    Kid's mother goes blood red.


    Later there's an item about how we behave when alone (except Jehovah of course ) and a lot of it is about pornography.

    SNK writes in his notes in massive handwriting "Do not watch PORN!!!" and shows it to his mother who goes blood red again.

    All goes relatively quiet until the baptism questions (4 baptised out of 940 in attendance) and the first one goes by with no comment from SNK but the second goes like this ...

    Guy giving talk: "Blah blah - do you identify yourself with Jehovah's organisation etc"

    SNK "NO!!"

    You guessed it - mother goes blood red again!

    I thought this kid is smarter than everyone thinks.

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    I am sure this is entertaining for you.

    But SNK is expressing just about what everybody is thinking, only it is not politically correct to say so.

    I feel sorry for the kid's mother though.

  • stuckinarut2

    Smart kid!

    He sounds like the young boy in the story of The Emperor's New Clothes. He actually stated the obvious, while everyone else just kept quiet and complied....

  • carla

    Gotta love the pure honesty of some special needs kids! Pure unfiltered honesty.

  • Deltawave

    This wasn't at Dudley (west Midlands, UK) by any chance was it?

  • scratchme1010
    I thought this kid is smarter than everyone thinks.

    People with special needs in the congregations I was part of were treated like shit, mostly because of their honesty and because they speak their minds.

    I feel sad for the mother.

  • LV101

    Hilarious! Love it and thanks for the share.

  • Phoebe


    where are you? Can you say? my lot are at the assembly today.

  • burnedout

    In high school I had a friend with Tourette's, he could get away with anything.

  • tiki

    Funny and sad all at once.....mommy should have left him home with a her embarrassment and him misery....

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