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  • AuntBee

    Smiddy - yes! That is an excellent article, i'm glad it's posted on line!

    Frognomore - Again, thanks for your valuable inisight/facts.

    Giordano! wow, so that's where that crazy statement about comparing it to alcohol in veins! Yet another WT deceiving misquote. It's amazing how many of them still repeat that tired old argument!

  • AuntBee

    Thank you for all the comments! -- I like this topic when trying to plant seeds with JWs, as i have opportunity.

    Sometimes i am unsure whether it's best to use questions that are more along the line of "disturbed outsider" who heard about the latest blood death, and just make obvious points, that would come from thinking about the topic Scripturally or logically. Or whether to have more facts on hand to refute what their standard replies are going to be. I don't want to seem like a "professional opposer"; sometimes that can backfire, and they'll write you off more quickly, than just a simple point or question from an outsider.

  • OrphanCrow
    AuntBee: I like this topic when trying to plant seeds with JWs, as i have opportunity.

    I have asked JWs if they believe that Jesus shed his blood so all can live. And they invariably say "yes". And then I ask them "if Jesus gave his blood, why don't you?" They usually splutter and pull out some kind of nonsense about blood beening sacred and then try to find a bibble verse.

    If they were really interested in saving lives they would donate blood instead of trying to convert people to their noblood phobia.

  • AuntBee
    Orphan Crow, that's awesome. Powerful, and probably a new thought to them and unexpected!
  • steve2

    Hey thanks fognomore - I really appreciated your more detailed overview of the role of transfused blood when blood volume has reduced and/or is very low.

  • Fognomore

    Some more clarity ,

    The person in charge of the “ Bloodless Surgery Medicine program “ at the hospital I used to work at was an Elder with no medical training. When JWs came into ICU they would request to see him. We would page him and he would come , talk with the patient, and put a “ No Blood” sign above their bed and a no - blood ID band on them. He was on call 24/7 - he would go on and on about how great some Doctors were , but I knew different. Sad that he had the confidence to speak of traetments and Doctors with no medical training. He was more of a Salesman and Spy to make sure these poor JWs would not get blood even if they needed it.


    As an overall rule most Drs and especially ICU Doctors recognize that administration of blood products are of a last resort.Contrary to “ WT “ demonization of people pushing blood , todays MDs allow Hemoglobin to drop to around 7.0 before blood is spoken about even by nursing staff. ( Unless Trauma , active bleeding , unstable , etc ) The medical community recognizes that all blood products slow healing , increase mortality and length of stay in a hospital.Massive trasfusions can lead to medical problems.Its been my experience over 15 years “ no one pushes blood “ and I have actually got transfusion orders cancelled after speaking with the MD when appropriate( pt stabilized ). The WT tries to spin the “ Blood pushing “ worldly Doctors. JWs and non JWs get treated the same overall in hospitals. I take care of open heart Patients I have called a Doctor on vacation to get blood for a patient that really needed it ( non - JW) as the PA / NP would not give me an order even with a Hemoglobin of 6.8. Most JWs prior to surgery may have gotten Iron Sucrose and pro crit injections if only warranted by labs. I would personally take blood if needed to save my life - no more martyrs!

    I love the subject


  • Renate Duenkel
    Renate Duenkel

    The spiritual dimension is the only one that counts in the blood question. All the speculations that revolve around the way this side deals with blood doctrine do not cover the subject. What counts is the spiritual dimension.

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