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  • AuntBee


    When Witnesses go on and on about bloodless medicine, they often imply that this will work in all situations. Do they really believe this, because it's what the Society has led them to believe? Are they just trying to divert their own mind, from the reality of blood deaths, that STILL happen? they know that Witnesses still die from it, and are just lying, because outsiders don't "deserve to know"?

    Thanks, auntbee

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think they believe that deaths from the refusal of transfusions are very rare. Most would even say that there is greater risk in accepting transfusions.

    The reality is that most JWs are completely uniformed about the facts. Their only info is from WT sources and other JWs (who are equally ill informed and only spout off WT rhetoric).

  • StephaneLaliberte

    My mother in-law was once operated. Obviously, she refused blood transfusions at all cost. However, what was fascinating about the experience are the several deceptions she encountered along the way.

    At first, she believed that there were alternative treatments that would offer equal, if not higher rates of success for her type of planned surgery. As the local doctor did not want to take the risk himself, he referred her to a blood-less specialist.

    She than contacted the Hospital Liaison Committee (HLC) as they are supposed to be the best resources in such circumstance. They confirmed that they knew the specialist and to proceed with him. They added that he had operated on one or two JWs within the last few years.

    First deception: That’s not a lot of experience with blood less surgery! We thought she would end up in the hands of a rock star, no blood surgeon! Turns out that what makes a bloodless surgeon has less to do with his skills than his willingness to let a patient die of anemia. Later on, the local surgeon confirmed that he would not operate as he would do everything to keep her alive, including transfusing blood and face the legal/medical consequences.

    On the first appointment with the “bloodless” surgeon, we found out that based on her current health, nothing can be done to increase the odds of the operation. In addition, there is a 3% chance she will not survive the procedure due to her refusal of blood.

    Second deception: We thought that she would take products to increase her red blood cells, or do other things to increase whatever. Well.. no. Nothing to be done. You cannot have 120% red blood cells.

    Third deception: The operation is in fact more risky. 3% is not a small risk. For instance, the risk created by her decision to avoid blood is in fact 4,000 times greater than jumping out of an air plane.

    Before the operation, the HLC asked my mother in law to update her “no blood” card. As she did so, we helped her realize that she would basically give away all her rights to the JWs unless our names were on that card.

    Forth deception: She was shocked to see that JWs were requesting access to her medical files and took full control of patients when this type of thing is obviously meant to be done by immediate family. We could tell that she felt invaded and seriously not at ease about this. To their credit however, they did not pressure my mother in law when they saw that she had put our names in there.

    Fifth deception: Throughout the entire process, the HLC's presence was “phoned in”. They did not provide any helpful suggestions or information. They were basically useless.

  • AuntBee

    wow, Stephane, thank you for sharing what you experienced with your motherinlaw's situation, and your analysis.

  • OrphanCrow

    AuntBee, the JWs are sorely misinformed about blood transfusions and so-called "bloodless"alternatives. This link reveals how the WTS/org has presented erroneous information to the r&f:

  • Finkelstein

    because it's what the Society has led them to believe?

    Its this surprising knowing that the WTS brainwashes people to support the WTS's doctrines with chosen select information only, this includes using the bible.

    Exactly its called biased information, the WTS have even said that modern surgery which now involves not using blood transfusions is because of their staunch religious stand

    Wrong again modern surgical procedures are less invasive which creates situations that do not require a BT during surgical procedures, with the ending intent of faster recovery to the patient.

    The medical health profession have known of the complications that may occur with BTs but the fact remains that BTs have saved millions of people's lives since its inception as a medical procedure..

  • Giordano

    Hi Aunt Bee, a little more information:

    How many JW’S die each year for want of a Blood Transfusion? According to the Red Cross and various National Blood Banks 4.5 million American lives are saved each year by blood transfusions. ...

    Here’s a short list of the serious medical problems that call for blood: Children being treated for Cancer, premature infants, Children having heart surgery. Serious Anemic issues are treated with blood transfusions to build up iron.


    Organ Transplants typically require 40 units of blood, 30 units of platelets, 25 units of fresh frozen plasma.

    Open heart surgery often requires platelet transfusions to survive.

    Sickle cell disease can call for four pints of blood per month.

    Giving birth if the mother hemorrhages.

    Among the 4.5 million that need blood are Trauma victim’s. Victim’s of vehicle accidents, various types of workplace accidents, fire, criminal assault, falls etc.

    There are 192,000 deaths from Trauma per year on average in the US. It is the leading cause of death for people age 1 to 44. With Trauma......... blood loss is often the most immediate emergency. Some blood loss victims may need transfusions of 50 pints or more of red blood cells.

  • AuntBee

    Thanks for the great insights, links and info - Orphan, Finkelstein, Giordano.

    I was curious to phone one of these Bloodless medicine hospitals, to ask if they would affirm that there ARE cases where a person needs actual blood, and ... i'm not kidding ,the receptionist that answered - to me, totally seemed like a JW, seemed to take personal umbrage to my question, expressed discomfort and annoyance, etc.

  • OrphanCrow
    AuntBee: bloodless medicine hospitals...the receptionist that answered - to me, totally seemed like a JW...

    There aren't really "bloodless medicine hospitals". There are "bloodless centres" that are basically admin centers attached to hospitals. At one time all of these bloodless centres were founded and staffed by JWs and most still are.

    The bloodless industry consists of JWs and their medical cronies. It is mostly based on ideology rather than good science, regardless of it's somewhat spurious claims.

    Bloodless surgery relies on blood transfusion technology and blood fractions. There are limitations to the practice and to the type of patient that qualifies for it.

  • AuntBee

    wow Orphan Crow...very interesting. I did notice one of the web sites of these places i looked at, had a heart warming JW testimony on the front page.

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