lets go surfing now everybodies learning how

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  • Sabin

    O.k. here is something that I don't get, the WTBTS bangs on bout the value of life & how we shouldn't take chances with it cause it would be disrespectful to JAH. G. yeah, like parachuting/sky diving/speeding & all that. However, they say naf all about surfing do they. How many people get hurt or die/eaten, I mean there's been a hell of a lot of sharks off the coast of Australia recently, so why aren't they on the stage saying to the bros "now you know bros with all these recent shark attacks you may wanna consider doing more in the mino rather then spending time in the surf, as it's proving to be dangerous. Consider how disrespectful your being to Jah"

    But no, nothing. You know why? cause they would lose half the bro's in Australia. I bet if you asked them they would say "Well it's a conscience matter".

    You know what I say to that "so is masturbation"

  • prologos
    not the latest, but recent pictures showing jesus walking the waves look very close to surfing, not done barefoot though, There was a story of energetic Bethelites heading east from Brooklyn to the Atlantic to catch a wave or two before breakfast., If re-assigned, now even with more freedom. ride the energy.
  • FadeToBlack
    You might also recall one of the recent theocratic calendars - the one with the 'paradise' theme had a couple of surfers working the shore break in the beach month. Somebody in the art department had an earlier career as a surf-dog.
  • eyeuse2badub


    "But no, nothing. You know why? cause they would lose half the bro's in Australia. I bet if you asked them they would say "Well it's a conscience matter".

    The same is true if the borg started telling jw's not to go to Disneyland------------------------The Magic Kingdom. All kinds of 'warnings' about the 'danger' of the occult, wizards,magic, supernatural, and smurfs, but not a damn word about The Magic Kingdom!

    "But no, nothing. You know why? cause they would lose half the bro's in The USA I bet if you asked them they would say "Well it's a conscience matter".

    just saying!


  • OnTheWayOut
    "If you have time for the mall, you have time for the Hall."
    "If you can go to the beach, you can go out and preach."
    "If you can't pioneer, you can still volunteer."
    "If you still take chances and surf, take no chances and bring your cart out on the turf."
  • WTWizard

    Danger of skydiving? I looked at just the lyrics of one of the new Kingdumb maladies, and it suggests that people need to get up while they are still tired, it is dark, and it is starting to rain so they can go out in field circus. Is it also cold enough for patches of ice? How is the traffic--usually quite heavy? It is extremely dangerous to drive while tired, it is dark, and the roads are wet and possibly icy in spots. Especially when there is heavy traffic.

    Compare: If you have the equipment in good condition, skydiving is quite safe. Proper equipment checks go a long way toward ensuring safety, as most skydiving accidents happen either when someone skipped a check, did a sloppy job packing something, or they wait too long to open the chute. Bungee jumping is even safer--you are more likely to die in an accident while in field circus than to get hurt bungee jumping. Reason: Parks are aware of the consequences of dangerous equipment and they ensure things are safe before each jump.

    Speeding? Are they aware that many highway speed limits are set too low? What about all those 2-lane highways that used to be 60 MPH before 1974, were reduced to 55, and never brought back to 60? I would rather be doing 60 or even 70 on those highways, in a car that is up to date with safety and where it is safe to do so, even with a 55 speed limit, than going in field circus while tired (and probably texting to see who else is going in field circus), it is dark, and the roads are wet (and possibly patchy ice) from rain.

  • smiddy


    That was clever , you could be a poet


  • prologos

    There is a special paradise hope*** even for surfers, imagine the perfect wave (for your level). The sharks,- like the lions will eat straw, -seaweed really. and an eternity to shape a channel in the seabed to get huge breakers. the bad eternal news: the moon will recede from the earth, the tides will become smaller, the earth will stop rotating eliminating the cyclones that bring those big swells across the oceans. so:

    I am glad I taught quite a few learners to stand up the first time in impromptu lessons, on my ~ 12 footers, even 2 kids together for surprise family vacation photos.

    ***see OTWOs art on the cart.

  • stuckinarut2

    So what about the many cases where witnesses were killed while out in service?

    Freak accidents can happen anywhere...so it may as well be while surfing and doing something enjoyable!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Masturbation is very dangerous...you could take an eye out! 👍

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