What defines a "Woman of Color" in Today's World?

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  • RubaDub

    You can't even tell what race they are and I imagine in about a hundred years, the matter of race will be a non issue.

    @Pete .....

    Yes. In a hundred years, you will only know where to find a Jew by going to a kosher deli, jewelry store or a furniture store.

  • Giordano

    Pete Zahut is articulating human issues...human concerns.

    This is why I read everything he writes and he's one of my heroes. Without fail!

    Things get to us and we get off track from time to time. We have to make sure that we speak truth and be ready to lend a helping hand to those that need it.

    Pete is all about that! God bless him and the horse he road in on!

  • LV101

    Many today are multi-racial - I read somewhere about 5-10 yrs. ago that a large percentage of the populace has black, hispanic, Euro, etc., etc., mixtures. I've really noticed this a few yrs. ago attending a high school reunion - so many various races/skin tones - amazing. Whites seemed to be the minority several yrs. ago - probably not but appears that way at times.

  • TD

    In common speech, the term, "Person of color" usually refers to someone whose skin tone is darker than a typical Northern European.

    It should not be confused with the term, "Race." Race was about the shape of your skull, not your skin color

    For example:

    Caucasian (Bisharin)

    Caucasian (Dravidian)

    Caucasian (Tamil)

    Caucasian (Taureg)

  • tottenkopf

    A woman who hates America and wants to kill all white men wait all men. And bring in Communism as a world government and set up Gerta Thrunberg as president.

  • sir82

    tottenkopf, have you met WTWizard?

    You two would get along swimmingly.

  • TD




  • Giordano

    Totenkopt your a Russian Bot.

    ....TD........ If Greta Thunberg ( a 16 year old makes you afraid) and this is the best attack you can come up with........ your a punk too....... I don't deal with punks. It's just more human crap floating in a toilet bowl that needs to be flushed away.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    People talk of race issues when they actually mean values issues.

    A Moslem went on to me about issues faced as a Moslem and he defined it all as racism. Moslem is white and acts like a bully.

    Question - could Nazis moan at Jews about racism if the Jews distance themselves from them because of the Holocaust? Cause in the end that's what it all comes down to - values. How you treat others. If you really insist on being a horrible murderous, lying so and so, then end up alienated because of it, don't try saying it's cause of your skin colour.

    Really it is a good idea to treat people as you would like to be treated youself. Then funnily enough people tend to like you. Not all - but a good few.

    I got df'd by WT but guess what, not everyone shuns me - why? Cause I tries to be nice, understanding and patient. Not always easy but worth it.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    It is the melanin. In the summer I am more colored.

    The woke people deny history. Moors mixing in with red haired fair Spanish; the black african mixed with cuban indians; arab slavers breeding with skaves, American slave holders breeding slave girls (quadroon, octoroon) on and on.

    It makes me question the black diseases with few blacks not having a lot of European blood.

    The real standard should be morality: no theft, no laziness, nuclear family vslues, no murder. These things cross all ethnic lines and beliefs.

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