I may be beating this to death, but this is just stupid.

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  • Amazing

    Hey Shamus: I really enjoy your posts. ... When I read what you quoted from the JW dating site, I was in stitches ... yes, it is sad at how JWs can end up mis-thinking things through ... but, this was so classic, because it came out of a JW brain so naturally, that it sent me rolling on the floor. Thanks for sharing this. - Jim W.

  • coffee_black

    I found my ex-husband listed. It's funny but really sad at the same time. He didn't use his name, but is unmistakable.

    We've been divorced for well over a decade. You'd think he would have found a willing sister after all this time....used to be that there were so few single available brothers that they would be swamped.

    Reading some of their profiles is scary...hilarious, but scary.


  • UpAndAtom

    How many people out there in the world, especially on the internet, hide what they are?

    I used to study with an author of Awake articles in Australia who's been caught out (by my partner) of dubious business practices...

    My point is... he hides what he does; and them feeds the flock spiritual food.

    I'm not saying that the spiritual food he feeds is neccessarily bad - but that's my point. Sure he's got some things in his life that he wants to hide - but that does not mean he's rotten to the core.... and neither is the Internet.

    Writing Internet articles - Writing Awake articles - What's the difference!? None.

  • minimus

    This is a silly question, as I just started reading this thread, but why was this being locked, anyway?.......Shamus, who want to go out with attorney?. I think you should be a deprogrammer.

  • onacruse

    min, I suggested to shamus that perhaps this topic might best be continued over at the other jwmatch thread. He had no objection and so I locked it. Simon unlocked the thread about 20 min later, with a clarification. My newbie misunderstanding

    Thanks, y'all.


  • shamus

    Heya Craig,

    No worries, Mate! Don't take things too seriously... it's no skin off my nose. (develop your thick-skin now, b/c you may get horrible comments in the months to come... hopefully not, though!)

    Amazing, thanks for the compliment. I find that there are lots of posters here, too, that get me rolling on the floor with their comments. Great place indeed!

    If anyone has any questions about why I find these boards (dating boards) so funny, check out the 10 page thread and look it up... it's in there somewhere, and I'm not typing that out again....

    Finally, Scully, that is funny how people are... double lives. I sure lead one and went out clubbing all the time till the wee hours of the night. We used to go to an excellent bar called "Love Affair" and get tanked. It was a hoot!

    One really does wonder who would look after her kids.... pretty weird!

  • shamus

    Oh well,

    I've been banned anyways from the site.... boo hoo. It's over.

    Now I will have to amuse meself with re-runs of mork and mindy, or spy on the neighbours with my binoculars.....

    Thanks for the memories, JWMatch...

  • somebody


    A good question to ask her is if her husband "turned apostate" from the organization, or God. I'd be willing to bet my ass that God and the organization are one in the same. Seems that JWs have their own trinity. "The organization, The governing body, and the The f&d slave".



    PS...If you ask her, let us know her response. I don't REALLY want to lose my ass!

  • shamus


    If I could contact her, that would be an excellent question to ask! I was wondering what I could ask her to make her feel a bit silly......

    Now we'll never know....

  • teenyuck

    I just checked my profile...they edited out some of my better comments--Now I'll never get a date!. At least we have a screen catch, here....

    Though they are letting my screen name stand....interesting.

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