I may be beating this to death, but this is just stupid.

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  • shamus

    Okay, it's not like everyone knows that the JW dating website has like a 10 page thread here, but this response that I just got is absolutley horrible. I just can't believe that this "witness" wrote this to me! I will quote her response to me.......

    I see you changed your profile from a few days
    ago. I love to go to night clubs and dance until it closes. I only have a
    few friends who do that and only tell a few. You know how people judge you
    for what you do when it is non of their business
    . As far as thinking for
    themselves I do a good job of that. My x turned apostate and I had to deal
    with him and not let him brainwash me or the kids.

    Oh my goodness, am I crazy or did I just see that this person accused her "husband" of being apostate and (**snicker**), (**gasp**), Brainwashin her and her kids?????

    I am just awestruck on the stupidity and how stupid these people really are. How the hell did she get brainwashed?????? OMG!!!!

    Hopefully someone who is studying will read this trash and understand how completely lame and mind controlled these people are! Just disgusting....

  • bikerchic
    Just disgusting....



  • tinkerbell82

    aw...shamus made a looooooove connection!!

    save her, oh, PLEASE, save her from the wicked evil influences of that brain-washing apostate freak, shamus! and then take her out to a club so she can get trashed till closing time :P

  • shamus

    I have actually recieved about 8 replies now... I wonder if my being a lawyer in this fake life has anything to do with it.....

  • Surreptitious
  • shamus

    Maybe I should be an Architecht.... (remind you of George Costanza on Seinfeld?)

  • Prisca

    Or a "Marine Biologist", ala George Costanza?

  • tinkerbell82

    just so long as you dont say you *look* like george costanza. :P

  • onacruse

    shamus, I know that other thread is getting long, but compared to some it's still just a "baby."

    With your indulgence, I'm thinking that it would be in the best interests of the board to keep this topic over where it started.

    OK with you?


    edit to add: Hey Surrep! Been a while...good to see you again!

  • shamus

    Cool with me, onacruise...... I won't cry if you lock it or get rid of it....

    It is really disgusting, though, how their mentality works isn't it? Brainwashed by apostates? My goodness... it's just sad to see how lost these people really are!

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