Fading tactic that worked well for me

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  • Crazyguy
    There has been several that stated this worked for them even a CO and his wife in Australia stated this and were not dfd. It may work, loosing ones faith is a hard issue forbthe elders. If they df you then it may back fire on them with ones that know the reasons why you no longer attend. How is anyone going to gain faith if there being punished for not having any? Maybe everyone's best strategy.
  • Lostwun

    Traveb this is the same approach I have taken with both my family and previous jw associates and I agree wholeheartedly that it works well.

    I still have the occasional love bombing moments from a few jws that still contact me trying to appeal to my emotional side but I never budge to any of their attempts to get me to open up to my reasons for not attending. I keep things chipper and friendly and off that subject and it amazes me how puzzled they get when they see that im so content and happy not being at meetings. Its like they almost expect you to be depressed and down.

    Uhm no. im the happiest ive ever been. Glad to hear you are having the same result. Thx for sharing your story


  • MarkofCane

    Hello Traveb

    I enjoyed your OP, great strategy.

    I agree, I wont debate doctrine with anyone anymore except here, sometimes. There is no point and they just wont reason anyways. Their mind is subjugated, if they think you sound at all like a apostate they raise the shields and there whole demeanor changes to a defensive posture.

    I just go along with what ever and smile (with those in the congregation) just buying my time, when the day comes, I will burn the bridges and never return. Time is on your side the end is not coming.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Good post traveb,

    I've used pretty much the same strategy and am still fading. In my situation however, I'm the patriarch of a rather large family of jw's. All my siblings (3rd gen dubs) are still active but are also somewhat apathetic. I don't debate or push my feelings of ttatt but they all know that I'm not a "true believer" any longer.

    My 4 children, their mates, and my 6 grandchildren are marginal dub's--thankfully. My wife continues to "hold on" but she sees how much happier and full of life I've become since fading from the borg.

    Like Phizzy stated, "when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive."

    just saying!


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