Demonic art in the watchtower?

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  • Truthexplorer
    the knowledge book contained a suspicious picture of a cloud and when folded revealed a scull which is quite clear.
  • slimboyfat
    The ram's head, that's it.

    Take a look at this art work that was changed in a songbook! See a difference? Don't tell me that looks like his hand! Is that what I think that is? It must be my imagination!


    Yep. That's Long Dong. Notice that he is looking at the little girl. Disgusting...

    Why change the picture if nothing was wrong?


  • Daniel1555

    DD I just love your posts... had such a laugh.

    "Long Dong" is the reason I keep the old songbook ;-)

  • careful

    Like jookbeard said, Darek Barebook (note the correct spelling of his first name) wrote an entire book on the matter with some convincing evidence, at least in some pictures. The book was entitled "JWs and the Hour of Darkness" but it's out of print now. He argued the hidden images were demonic. He and his entire family (parents, brother, wife, kids) were all DFed over it.

    Used copies are expensive now, over $100.

    There some Italian ex-JW who runs a website devoted to further examples of the hidden things in the pics since Barefoot's book. Plenty of others have also done so. See this link:

  • Alive!

    I always felt the illustrations were.....a bit yuck. But rapped myself on the wrist for not seeing them through 'humble eyes'

    Havong said that - it seemed to me, there was never any 'error' in how illustrations appeared. The revelation 'lobster claw' was 'out there' - no artist would let that bit of crappy 'handy work' go to print - it was a terrible representation of a hand, in fact, nothing like a hand.... Yes, it DID look like a proper 'claw' hand - it really did 'stand out' as being apart from the rest of the hand representations in that picture and I can't help wondering if the art crowd just loved having a joke, chucking something like that in....

    And I don't want to be over critical about the whole art thing - but I do agree that every picture was CAREFULLY chosen.

    After all .... The FDS tells us so.

    So, regarding the black guy on the song book, with the dodgy thumb - replaced by an Asian guy.....may I ask a question regarding that picture of just a few persons, carefully placed and I right in thinking the little girl's skirt and top do not meet, exposing her bare tummy? The skirt waist band gathers somewhere low on her hips.....

    Forgive me if I am wrong.....and my eyes deceive me - but if I am right.... Why dress her like this? Most JW children are very neatly groomed and dressed.

    Am I wrong?


    What?? No "dislikes" about the song book/schlong book?!?!?


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