Demonic art in the watchtower?

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  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift

    Does anybody remember a rumour or maybe it was a truth? ?...something about hidden pictures or symbols in the artwork of the watchtower. ..I think it was in the 80s? Was it one of those urban legends? ?

    I remember someone talking about it but when I looked I couldn't see what they were on about's just a vague memory I have...

  • cofty

    I think most of them were just people's imaginations but I have seen one or two that are very suspicious.

  • JRK

    The BBD on the back of the songbook was pretty obvious.


  • galaxie
    Hey cofty.."most of them".. I hope you don't mean some of them were demonic !lol...yes I agree their are few which can only be described as WTF !!??

    cofty 4 hours ago

    I think most of them were just people's imaginations but I have seen one or two that are very suspicious.

    This is not my imagination! I clearly see eyes,nose,chin and mouth.How many arms or wrists do you see that look like this?

  • TD

    There were a few illustrations where you could kinda, sorta see something (Not sure what, but whatever it was it didn't belong there) and it appeared be deliberate.

    I noticed that they all appeared to have been done by the same artist. (The style was very distinctive.) So I would guess that somebody was just bored or causing trouble.

    I also noticed that the drawing style disappeared from JW literature, so maybe that particular artist was dismissed. (Just speculating here)

  • jookbeard
    I had the book many years ago, by someone called Derek Barefoot

    I don't know about you but I see a face in these clouds.

  • sowhatnow

    Ive seen many. older books have a lot, google it, theres websites that have the pics.

    when i was younger, I noticed some things in the photos I thought were pretty odd. No artist worth his salt can draw so badly that a hand looks like a lobster claw when the other hands look ok, lol. [revelation book]

    sometimes i think the artist did it for fun, to mess with people, lol, not really to be following any cult other than the one they were drawing for.

    putting faces in skirts, and clouds, and skeletons in trees.. ah, fun fun. lol

  • cappytan

    I see faces in actual clouds all the time. Sometimes an alligator. Sometimes a hippo. That doesn't mean there's deemunz hippos and gators in the sky.

    It's called Apophenia.

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