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  • drwtsn32

    LOL... I was just about to reply and say "It was Jehovah's blessing!" but you concluded your message with that remark.

    When we were dubs we would attribute some good fortunes to Jah. But the same type of good things (even better in some ways) happen since we left. Why would Jah bless those that chose to turn their back on him?

    Very cool... I wish I could find some of the people I grew up with in the troof.

  • jst2laws


    I love physics. Been making a personal study of it (without a dept of math).

    In our situation I didn't need any math because ½ (Mass x Velocity 2 ) =

    Double Edge

    "There are no coincidences in life". Perhaps. it would be hard to explain by chance.


    When we were dubs we would attribute some good fortunes to Jah. But the same type of good things (even better in some ways) happen since we left.

    That is it, the point of offering it to the Awake. They will sniker at those who say "there are no coincidences in life" and then attribute every unique experience to divine intervention by Jehovah.


  • Simon

    Wow, what a great story !

    What are the chances of that ?!

  • jst2laws


    What are the chances of that ?!

    Lets see, maybe Elsewhere can help:

    Force = ½ (Mass x Velocity 2 )

    OH! It doesn't compute for me.


    BTW Simon, I am having terrible problems posting seamingly with my html tags or security settings. I have no idea what to do.

  • Special K
    Special K

    A great story.. was glad you posted it.

    Special K

  • SixofNine

    Coincidentally, I've come across a few instances of coincidence just as amazing as this. The beauty of this one is that it reunites two old friends. Neat story Steve.

  • ros

    Hey, Jst2Laws:

    That's two coincidences I know about you now. Remember when you and Joy2bfree said you hoped to make contact with some long lost JW friends, and I happened to be in correspondence with them? Actually, I've heard several very interesting coincidences with exJWs since I've been on-line.

    Smaaaaal world!


  • FreeFallin

    I always knew Joy was a WHOOSY!!!


  • willyloman

    Stuff like this has actually happened three times in my life. Here's the most unusual one:

    Took a vacation from work to plant a lawn at my newly constructed house in a city I had recently moved to. Went to a nearby gravel/dirt yard to order delivery of topsoil. Guy came out and took my order. Filled out the form, asked for my name. It's an unusual name, and I started to spell it for him. He said, "I know how to spell it." He put the clipboard down and said, "Just a minute." He walked back into the office and came out with his business card and handed it to me. We had the same (unusual) last name and his first name was very familiar to me because all my life people I had just met back in my hometown (big city) would ask me, "Oh, are you so-and-so's brother?"

    Over a 25-year span, I had been asked that question dozens of times. People said, "You look just like him." I tried to look him up but he had moved away. After that, whenever people asked if we were related, I'd ask them if they knew where he went, but no one did.

    So here we were in this small town several hours from where we grew up, and he's telling me, "I used to get your mail." We did look a lot alike. We made arrangements to grab lunch together. He brought a family-tree book with him and we looked up all our old relatives. Turns out we're distant (very distant) cousins.

    Wish this had a happy ending. As you probably guessed from the geneology reference, he's a Mormon. I was a slave to dubdom, so of course we couldn't hang out together. Years have passed and we've lost touch.

  • larrynbabies

    I was sitting in my home reading a book the name was fatal vision and I noticed a very good looking woman walk through my yard and I heard a knock at my next door nieghbors door I thought to my self lucky bastard and went back to reading my book. It was a minuite or so later this girl came to my door and as it turns out she was a Jehovas witness selling magazines.

    She was very cute ( a miniature courtney cox) and as we talked she had mentioned that a freind of hers in louisville kentucky was suing coca cola because while getting a bottle of coke out of a machine the bottle exploded and he got glass in his eye.

    Well this was very funny because I knew a guy in louisville ky that this had happened to well as you have guessed it was the same guy. As it turned out it was a cousin of a girl I went out with in california. Well I got her phone number and shortly thereafter we were married.

    oh yes one of the worst misstakes I ever made


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