new strategy to turn in your time in Japan

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  • yoko N
    yoko N stickers are passed around among publishers.

    One brother says

    "Hey you can just turn in your time just driving around streets with this sticker on your car."

    the other side of this car ,(photo) There is a QR Code sticker on it.

  • Perry

    Utterly mindless

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    It now strikes me as obvious that only a cult would require members to submit time sheets.

  • John Free
    John Free

    Now they're using vehicles to advertise? Lol just when you thought they couldn't get more crazy.

    On a side note I owe the Japanese JWs a lot. It was while living in Japan that I had my first inclination that 'this could be a cult'. They are absolute fanatics, the elders are over the top strict- pulling up publishers for there dress, grooming appearence literally all the time-total control freaks and the CO's walk around like celebrities-they are worshipped. Despite this, the Japanese witnesses like the people in general are truly nice, generous and sincere people.

  • sparky1

    "Everything old is new again!" Except the JW.Org stickers are a little less obvious.

  • cobweb

    I can't quite believe it this is generally accepted practice. Surely it is just one brother's opinion. Was it an elder who said it?

    It would be crazy if you could just go to the supermarket or to work and count all your time as being on the service. just because you have a sticker on the car.

  • tor1500


    Could it really be true...but I was told if you stop for lunch and leave a magazine or tract on the table in site...count it....I guess this is the advertise advertise era...AGAIN...

    So, I've been told that in Japan they are under preaching ban...if that is true, how can elders walk around like celebrities if they don't want to draw any attention to themselves....or was it Korea, I don't remember, the friends go to so many countries I can't keep it straight, they love to go where the preaching is banned to see the friends, then tell you they are under such strict persecution that you can barely talk to them....I wanted to ask them why would you go there and draw attention to them because you are leaving and you can't control how they will be treated when you leave...yet, when seeing pix from these visits, of the places that the preaching is banned, why is the welcoming committee the size if the Macy's Thanksgiving parade....

    Yoko, tell us more...


  • DesirousOfChange
    "Hey you can just turn in your time just driving around streets with this sticker on your car."

    I'd have to assume it was a joke. I can easily see it said here about wearing lapel pins -- but AS A JOKE.

  • Crazyguy

    Thier becoming more and more pathetic all the time. Just keep the members busy knowing no ones going to join but that's ok members do have kids.

  • blondie

    Or the ones that put magazines in the rear window...........

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