new strategy to turn in your time in Japan

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  • sir82

    "Back in the day" we used to tape Watchtowers to the inside of the back window of the car as we traveled to the summer assembly.

    It was mainly to recognize fellow JWs who were traveling on the same highway.

    We should have been counting the time! D'oh! I could have been a pioneer!

  • fastJehu
    "Back in the day" we used to tape Watchtowers to the inside of the back window of the car as we traveled to the summer assembly.

    Same in germany. As kids we looked into every car - searching for a WT - driving along the "Autobahn"

  • doubtfull1799

    Nice to have someone from Japan on the forum here to give us an international flavour and perspective.

  • cofty

    Hi Yoko thank you for the news from Japan.

  • steve2

    I think the JWs are being brave - or stupid - to put branding on their vehicles.

    For starters, Satan and his henchmen will be able to identify them with little effort.

    On the plus side, when Armageddon strikes, Jesus and the Heavenly forces will know which cars to save from the earthwide cataclysm, plucking cars with off the endangered highways. Any spare ones I can use?

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Sometimes it's easy to get carried away! Years ago in California, there were places that would paint your car if you'd be willing to let them put an ad on. Many of the paint jobs were great, but few of them were tasteful.

  • fulltimestudent
    tor1500: Could it really be true...but I was told if you stop for lunch and leave a magazine or tract on the table in site...count it....I guess this is the advertise advertise era...AGAIN...

    So, I've been told that in Japan they are under preaching ban..

    Don't think so, you may be confusing Japan with either China or North Korea.

  • Chook

    One of my life's biggest epiphanies was when it dawn on me that there was no way in the world Christ would have preformed paper work in first century. The whole publisher debacle is because your become a slave to a book printing publishing company.

  • tor1500

    Hi Fulltimestudent,

    Thanks for correcting me...I couldn't remember.

    But it is true, I was having lunch one day and the sister told me that...Sad isn't's all about the counting time and being seen....

    Did anyone see Independent day and when the aliens came there was a whole bunch of people welcoming the aliens and begging them to take the they have been waiting for this moment all the while, well the alien ship did take'em....they obliterated them...This is how I see this placing JW literature in site...they are waiting for Jesus's 2nd coming, or is it his third, can't remember which, but he's coming...

    Wonder what Jehovah is thinking of all of this ? If he's paying attention at all.


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