Another JW Urban Legend Thread

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  • Diogenesister

    jookbeard "Dubs on meds" would be a great name for a band composed of exJW'S.


    The smurf story in various guises was all over the UK. I also heard a few cautionary Indian religion "demon" stories since we had a large Hindu population.

  • ShawnaS1

    I decided to post a reply here considering I have noticed a considerable amount of people assuming this is an Urban Legend. I was listening to the song Imagine , the version redone by (A Perfect Circle, which I actually prefer) Anywho it summed up pretty tightly what the JW religion believes. ...every word actually... No religion, just people living in Harmony under God ... Jehovah. It's the hippiest of all religions. John Lennon was an artist an probably had a few inspirations for that song along with others. I also see some hate talk on these forums. Why the need to try so hard to prove Jehovah's Witnesses wrong or hate God for what the people in the religion have done to you. They are human too and are capable of misinterpreting the Bible.I believe God will make the misunderstandings come to light. We wouldn't want what we say to be misunderstood. I don't believe God will allow his words to be misspoken... I mean come on ... it's God. 😊... By the way I'm not a JW but I'm checking out religions and if the Bible is what we should follow and we need a group to follow the Bible with.. that's the only religion I have found that does just that.

  • Nevuela

    Well said, Shawna. Haters gonna hate.

  • darkspilver

    I'll take your robbery, and up you a car-crash:

    On a hot Tuesday afternoon, Ki, who operates a clinic in Taechun, Korea, was invited by three co-workers to spend the afternoon at the beach. Though the idea was tempting, Ki knew that if he went, he would not be back in time to be at the Congregation Book Study that evening. So he declined the invitation. Moments later, the three were brought back to the clinic—dead! They had a fatal traffic accident right after leaving the clinic. Ki grieved over the incident but was glad his life had been spared on account of his sticking to the good habit he had formed over the years.

    (Watchtower 1 May 1965, page 14)

    (Posted Thur 6 July - 15:30 EDT - I think my posts are starting to be queued now....)

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh PE! That one is a classic, and has been used by so many culty religions. In fact, it is a favourite amongst the Mormon community too...

  • Gorbatchov

    Bible (nwt) blocked a billet at field service..

    Smurfs walking away from congregation.

    John Denver hates witnesses.

    Blood in dutch candy and icecream.

    Music playing reversed gets hidden messages.

    Famous people with jw family.

    US politican protecting

    MEPS sold to IBM for satelite channel

  • skin

    Who as heard the one about a JW Dad who wants to show his son why gambling is wrong and a waste of money, so he takes his son into a casino, puts his one piece of money into a machine and hits jackpot. Moral is that Satan will temp you and catch you even with your best intentions.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Shawnas1, do you feel the same about the "People's Temple" at Jonestown in Guyana?

    "I don't believe God will allow his words to be misspoken... I mean come on ... it's God."

  • Chook

    I was at a meeting and they described how an African witch doctor could see demons behind everyone except JWs. There you go the spiritual truths revealed through a witch doctor.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    My story is similar to @pale.emperor's one. Two sisters are invited in at a door. The man sits them down while silently plotting how to kill/dismember them in the most grotesque way possible. As he goes to get up to get a knife from the kitchen, he feels glued to the chair, as though an invisible hand with supernatural strength is holding him down from the shoulder. An angel was protecting the sisters.

    So... let me get this straight. The psycho killer is unable to commit a gruesome murder. So he then goes on to share his story and motives and supernatural encounter with the public/news outlets? Alas, as a child hearing this Witness folklore, I lacked the insight to ask such a question. Instead, I marveled at how protected we are by Jehovah's spirit creatures. Spirit creatures who fail to protect innocent children from being raped by elders. The Holy Spirit needs an HR intervention.

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