Sisters handling mic's

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  • I Faded Twice
    I Faded Twice

    I saw a topic on another forum where a sister was supposedly carrying the mics. I was curious if this was even possible? Has anyone ever seen this? Is it new light or just a lie?

  • dubstepped

    If there are no qualified brothers, sure a sister can do it. There's no new light to that, it's just a rarity I think. If I'm thinking of the same post that you saw I believe they were in a congregation of like 20-30. Now that sister can't say a prayer (without a napkin on her head) or give a talk (without another sister as a participant) but she can do a task in the congregation that isn't considered teaching if there is nobody else with a penis to do it.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Jup, entirely possible.

    My wife and I visited her sister and BIL who were need greating somewhere.

    My wife and SIL ran the mics, another sister was in the sound booth and literature dept.

    BIL and I were the only two brothers, and we were on stage doing all the parts.

    BIL was only an MS bit had to run that whole (tiny) congo (or group?). Together we even made an official shepherding call....a MS and and me, regular Joe Publisher.

    Only men are worthy, but in dire situations Jehovah is willing to lower his standards.

  • DwainBowman

    My wife's mom, ran the cong's she grew up in back in the late 60's, for a few month's, till that got a brother to start driving 60 miles one way, to start going over to take over. He later moved.

  • nugget

    The general rule is that sisters can do things if all other options have been exhausted. Nowadays if a congregation didn't have enough brothers to do the male roles the congregation would be divided up and the hall sold.

  • sir82

    The general rule is that sisters can do things if all other options have been exhausted.

    Ladies! Fulfill your dream to be considered a "last resort". Now is your chance - JWs want YOU!

  • Doubter

    I love how many suggests sexism among the JW organization yet year and and year out more women join than men do.

  • dubstepped

    Women stay in abusive relationships with men too. That doesn't mean they aren't being abused. According to Pew Research women are simply drawn more to religion than men.

    I love how trolls try to take one small aspect of something out of context and use it to make points. It's almost like they learned it from their pedi protecting cult that jumps around the Bible trying to string together a coherent narrative.

    Try harder.

  • ttdtt

    It is possible. Sister can do other functions as well. Like working behind the counter.

    The caveat is there MUST be NO brothers who could be qualified to do the work.

  • Doubter


    I chose my words deliberately. I wanted also to point out that sexism has nothing to do with this. It’s all about who is responsible to do what.

    You are still writhing, I see, because you cannot give me a realistic scenario in which 100-500 kids are abuse and told not to call police in each country.

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