Quality of JW teaching from elders

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  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    In my congregation, there was a Min Servant who was quite conscious of the fact that local elders were on the whole burned out, stressed, miserable, and projected such a paradigm in their talks. The MS knew that the audience was badly in need of encouragement. This is precisely what he gave the audience. No corporate productivity paradigm with him. Just nice warm, encouraging talks with the authority of scripture. Folks genuinely enjoyed it and let him know it too.

    However, the fondness for his talks was not universal. You see, when someone does well, it can sometimes have the effect of showing up a gulf between that very one doing well and others who project their stress, insecurity, and misery onto the audience. This was what happened. The elders started to find fault with the MS. He was unable to meet their contrived expectations as far as their productivity paradigm was concerned (min hrs, leading in min etc) and so he stepped down in revulsion at their approach. The elders showed themselves to be quite practiced bullies. Their teaching continues to be quite awful.

    One of the reasons for this sad state of affairs is the environment to which elders' minds is regularly subject to and integrated with. For example, the broadcasts from the GBoJW and their holy helpers is widely disdained on this forum and many in congregations are increasingly embarrassed. Elders are on the whole, stakeholders in a dysfunctional corporate entity which has considerable hegemony. Thus, how can anything genuinely stimulating and refreshing come out of such an entity? It can't. Even the local needs (Britain) video last week in which Paul Gillies featured significantly, was an exercise in sophistry and mendacity - truly ghastly!

    If individuals such as elders are stressed, miserable, insecure, how can they be effective teachers? In that what is expected of them is now much more structured and centralised, where is the scope for individuality and creativity? The recipe is wrong - the food is distasteful!

    This organisation has got to be one of the best in the world in exemplifying Peter Principle (individuals promoted to their level of incompetence). This is seen in their approach to safeguarding children (a huge response cost coming their way as a result), in their child video productions (guilt tripping children into being attentive at meetings and not falling asleep), in their monthly videos (would be better if they'd cease and desist!). Their written output is also quite apalling in that it is on the whole, quite specious.

    For erudition, avoid the WTBTS, IBSA etc.

  • jookbeard
    I've said it many times thats its one of the greatest myths that being an elder or speaking from a platform regularly makes one an excellent speaker when the reality is in all the years I was a jw I can think of a couple of CO's and DO's and a mere handful of local elders who could be classed as good public speakers, the vast majority are hopeless, boring and and have no natural flair to be good public speakers at all.
  • Lostandfound

    Male, pioneer, not gone to college/university, then welcome boarded as a fellow elder.

    Many elders have no life experience and indeed a few have no life.

    Explain society's creation teaching, I doubt it, many cannot explain the daytext and have no intellectual capacity. 40s 50s 60s brothers dying off leaving a vast chasm of ability behind.

  • tiki
    The sheer stupidity was a main driving force in my departure....and from what I gather on this forum....it has gotten increasingly moronic. Very sad for the poor misguided sincere simpletons. I don't know how anyone with an IQ over 100 can stand it.
  • stillin

    Had the grown son of a local elder give the public talk not too long ago. He's bright, pleasant and, when not giving a talk, quite good company. But his perception (and he is correct) is that he is to stay very close to the outline, try to sound like the older elders sound and follow a few simple rules as he speaks publicly. His future is clearly defined and assured. And that is what we all want, is it not? To progress in the Most Holy Organization in the world! Let the worldlings have their over-rated "thinking about things." For we are Jehovah's Witnesses and we no longer need to think! The clergy does that for us!

    yes, the new converts are low-hanging fruit.

  • slimboyfat

    Sir82 and Magnum those are impressive levels of stupidity. Not to that extreme but we had an elder who delivered a whole talk at a circuit assembly based around the "fact" that the French word for listen is regardé. We have some French people in our congregation too. He just wouldn't stop. It was a ten minute item but it went on forever.

  • wannaexit
    When this question was raised, NO ONE had their hand up. Not one person in the congregation. There are a dozen elders and NO ONE could give the answer. Then someone decided to give it a shot and started reading from the watchtower article. He literally read a few paragraphs before realizing he didn't know what the hell he was reading and stopped cold turkey apologizing that he couldn't find the answer. It was a hoot.!!!!
  • Darkknight757
    What really was the point of that question? Why did they deem that question worthy of a review? Who cares if Neh1:1 and 2:1 are talking about the same calendar year? Is there something I'm missing?
  • macys

    I am going through my reinstatement process and my forehead is just red and bruised from all the times I just have to facepalm myself because of the explanations and interpretations the GB twists to fit whatever BS they are selling this week. I am not joking.

    The GB ran out of material years ago. There is nothing to talk about anymore. Years ago at least there was the [[[[[chance]]]]] that big bad Armageddon would come before the 100 years was over! LOLOLOLOL

    Honestly how many times can we hear the same public talk outline saying that things in the world are getting so bad and scary?

  • Spiral

    There was a brother in our old congregation years ago who would give the most atrocious talks, frequently criticizing the "world" because he could never keep a job. On and on he'd ruminate on one particular failed interview (with a woman no less!) until you wanted to just get up and walk out. But by just listening to him misuse words and garbling his ideas, we all could tell why he couldn't get along in the "real world". He could be really hostile too, you just steered clear of him whenever possible. But the congregation was short of brothers so they kept him.

    His wife finally quit going, saying she had an anxiety disorder. You can imagine the real reason. I'd see her around town though, she wasn't truly home bound.

    Fast forward to a different congregation, but I'm seeing a lot of the same thing. Some of the brothers can barely read, much less really give a real talk (hence all the scripting).

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