A question for those who still go to the meetings

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  • tor1500


    What you said is so true...all the elders do is get up and go to one another and whisper the elder gets up, then goes to the back or wherever, then another brother or elder goes up to another elder and then tap him then he goes to the back....it's this constant walking around of Elders...I think they are not talking about nothing...I think it's to look important...

    It makes so much sense why folks don't sit in the front....never thought that it's not because they want to be there...but there are a few who do sit in the front, wonder what's up with them....maybe they want to be there....

    & your last line...almost none of these people really want to be there....NOW THAT'S THE TRUTH...


  • mikeypants

    I would so I could see the late comers and have direct and easy access to the facilities. While in the bathroom, I could watch the water run down the drain, check the contents under the sink, make faces in the mirror, stare at the ceiling, play with myself, pretty much anything other than sitting in the hall having my mind go dumb ( or is it numb?) listening to the drivel coming from the stage.

    Also, less likely to make eye contact with the speaker and not be as noticeable as I opened candy and gum, and so the moron behind me wouldn't notice my watching videos on the phone.

    I used to pinch my sisters so they would cry, then I could walk them in the back.

    Damn, I miss those days.

  • freddo


    Yup. When I lost my "privileges" (AKA had them taken away from me - bwahahahaha) the only thing that bothered me about not running a microphone or being an assistant to the assistant hall attendant was that I would have to sit in my seat for an hour and three quarters.

    We used to have a system (our hall was in a high vandalism area) where someone would sit outside in a car in the car park for 30 mins at a time with a loudspeaker fed from the meeting. Unfortunately there was no off switch so I took a pair of scissors and cut one of the wires (only 12 volts) and repaired it with insulation tape. So when the meetings got on my nerves I would disconnect the wire as soon as I got out there and reconnect it at the end of my shift.

    Sadly a CCTV system was set up and so we had to watch the TV screen from inside the hall.

    Edited to add: When I cut the wire I was serving as an elder - goes to show the cog. diss. going on in my head.

  • blondie

    Sitting at the back of the KH

    1) Near the restroom/escape

    2) Near the backdoor/escape

    3) Noisy children near the backroom/"discipline"

    4) Able to talk during meeting and be less obvious

    5) Able to pass notes and be less obvious

    6) Able to use I-pad and more likely screen not be seen

    7) can leave mid meeting and be noticed by fewer jws

    Come late and they march you up to the front

  • Skepsis

    Let's be clear. Meetings are tedious and boring even for zealous JWs. Especially since the changes made to the midweek meeting.

    But I find especially boring the weekend meeting. Public meeting is redundant. There are no new ones at meetings and the themes are the same from a long time ago: 'Why don't believe in Trinity?' or 'Does hell exist?' are questions with no real significance: JWs already know the answer and visitors at the meeting (if there's someone) don't have real interest in that.

    And what could we say about the Watchtower Study? Reading a paragrah and then answering word-by-word from it is so... so... stupid.

    That's why meeting attendance is at 60-70% of publishers in many congregations.

    So if you need to go for family reasons, it's better to sit down at the back, close to the door to waste the less posible amount of time in all that nonsense.

  • steve2

    This is a religion that values suffering and champions shaming.

    Suffering: Martyrs love to sit at the front; these are brothers and sisters who have had to cross crocodile infested rivers or hack their way through jungles to get to meetings. They need their moment to shine in the presence of all those sitting further back who slink in and try to disappear. Oh, and before they were deleted, Special Pioneers parked their sanctimonious backsides on front rows and held their heads up high through the entire snooze-fest.

    Shaming: Martyrs and Special Pioneers other chief function is to shame all the lethargic brothers and sisters sitting elsewhere. Shame on you able-bodied and lazy lot for not doing more, more, more. You value material things more so than the spiritual. You make Jehovah very sad.

  • stillin

    I prefer to sit in the back because from there I can keep an eye on everybody.

  • westiebilly11

    Proximity to loos.....generally at back of halls.

  • ab.ortega

    The front is for the sanctimonious. And at our hall, it was for the latecomers...lol....if you were late, you had to do the walk of shame to the front at the empty seats.

  • schnell

    I loved it when it was a really really tiny congregation and EVERYBODY sat in the back. Always expected the brothers to yell. :P

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